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Chinese military operatives installed a tiny microchip on motherboards sold to multiple US companies that would allow the computers to be infiltrated and spied upon. Photo credit: Rob Slaven / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

China Hacked Computer Hardware Sold to US Companies

Sobering Thoughts on Population Growth ; West Virginia Pipeline Battle Rages On ...and More Picks

Sobering Thoughts on Population Growth ; West Virginia Pipeline Battle Rages On ...and More Picks 10/5

Sir David Attenborough: ‘Population Growth Has to Come to an End’ (Jeff C.)

The English broadcaster and naturalist had some sobering updates on man’s relationship with our biosphere in this 5-minute chat with BBC Newsnight.

Hamas Calls for Ceasefire in Israeli Newspaper (Dan)

Hamas official Yehya Sinwar said “war is in no one’s interest, certainly not our interest.”

Suit to Block California’s Net Neutrality Law Could Be Overshadowed by Broader Challenge in DC Circuit (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “The bigger legal fight is being waged before the US District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. Public interest groups, companies, and 32 states, including California, have challenged the Federal Communications Commission’s decision last year to end regulation of internet providers. A ruling is expected sometime next year.”

Another Court Ruling Against a West Virginia Pipeline, Then Another Effort to Change the Rules (Jimmy)

From ProPublica: “A federal appeals court has revoked a key approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Now, state regulators are working to change the rules — again — so it can proceed.”

Mike Pence’s ‘New Cold War’ Speech — About China (Dan)

The Trump administration’s war drums aren’t solely beating for conflict with Russia. Mike Pence’s latest speech has turned attention to the growing conflict with China.

Kavanaugh Could Face Pressure to Recuse From Cases on the Supreme Court (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Unlike lower-court judges, whose decisions can be appealed and whose ethics are subject to review by regional and national judicial bodies, a Supreme Court justice’s decision on recusal is not subject to review by the other justices, or by anyone else except the court of public opinion.”

Trump’s Counterterrorism Policy: Blast From the Past (Dan)

The Trump administration’s counterrorism strategy follows in the same vein as predecessors Barack Obama and George W. Bush. And it will likely experience the same difficulties.


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