The Dismantled State Takes On a Pandemic ; Why Sanders Should Keep Fighting ; and More Picks 3/13

The Dismantled State Takes On a Pandemic (Chris)

From the New Republic: “Eight years of comparatively competent management by a liberal presidential administration was not enough to stem the larger trend of private negligence and public disinvestment. … Many Americans seem to still believe we live in a country with functional institutions. Indeed, a lot of the conservative project of corrupting or starving government agencies depends on an almost touching belief in the resiliency of the institutions liberalism built in the twentieth century. Even the people dismantling the government probably believed, at some level, that the CDC could effectively address a massive public health crisis even though its new director was unqualified and its budget had declined for years. Despite its grip on power, the conservative movement cannot adapt to the circumstances created by its victory over the state.” 

‘Truthdig’ Employees Stop Work to Protest Labor Conditions (Chris)

The author writes, “Senior editors and contributors at Truthdig … announced in a joint letter [on Wednesday] they were beginning a work stoppage today to protest what they describe as unfair labor conditions and the effort by the publisher, Zuade Kaufman, to remove the site’s founding Editor-in-Chief and co-owner Robert Scheer.”

Sex-Specific Traits of the Immune System Explain Men’s Susceptibility to Obesity (Mili) 

From Science Daily: “Researchers have uncovered important differences between the male and female immune system which may explain why men are more susceptible to obesity and metabolism-related associated diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.”

Why Sanders Should Keep Fighting (Russ)

The author writes, “Sanders has never been running just to win. He’s also running to drag the Democratic Party to the left, to forcefully confront the party establishment about its failures to address working people’s issues, and to raise people’s awareness about the possibilities for progressive social change. Staying in the race allows him to continue doing these things and more.”

This California Candidate Ran for President and Two House Seats — in the Same Election (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Everyone may need a hobby, but Ricardo De La Fuente’s sideline is driving Democratic Party leaders nuts.”

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