300 Migrants Drown in Three Days; Chinese Facial Recognition as Big Brother; And More Picks 7/3

200 Drown in Three Days as Migrants Flee Africa (Kirsty)

The author writes, “Figures prepared by Matteo Villa, a research fellow at the Italian thinktank ISPI, show that so far in 2018 only half of those leaving Libya have made it to Europe, down from 86% last year.”

China’s Facial Recognition Software Hits the Classroom (Reader Steve)

It has been promoted as a convenience — for everything from buying vending machine drinks to getting on the subway — but facial recognition is also being used to monitor moods of students in China. Is America next?

Merkel Agrees to US-Style Migration Deal (Dan)

German chancellor Angela Merkel caved on Monday evening to demands to increase immigration controls on incoming refugees. Now they will go through “transit centers” for screening before entering the country, and fellow European countries are adopting comparable strategies. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the US has employed a similar model.

Russia Knocks Soccer-Crazy Spain out of World Cup Thanks to ‘Rigged Video Referee’ (Kirsty)

The host country won after a drab 1-1 match that saw Spain score an own goal and had to be decided with a penalty shootout. The only excitement was when the controversial new Video Assistant Referee unfairly handed Russia the win. Well, that’s what the fans are saying

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