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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rising Globally — But Drop in China (Maria)

The author writes, “The world’s burning of coal, oil and natural gas this year is putting 1% more heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the air than last year, bad news for the fight against climate change but with an odd twist, according to scientists who track emissions. China’s carbon pollution was down 0.9% this year compared to 2021, while emissions in the U.S. were 1.5% higher, said a study by scientists at Global Carbon Project released early Friday at international climate talks in Egypt. Both are opposite long-term trends. … In both cases, it is a reaction to the pandemic and perhaps a bit of the energy crisis created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, study lead author Pierre Friedlingstein of the University of Exeter told The Associated Press.”

‘Rage Like I’ve Never Seen’: Right-Wingers Turn on Trump (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “Conservatives are starting to blame Donald Trump after a Republican ‘red wave’ failed to materialize during the midterm elections. After years of Trump choosing candidates and demanding parties back them, conservatives are starting to question whether hitching their wagon to the former president is worth it after all. Commentators have taken the election results as a sign, Fox News reported Wednesday. ‘Commentators argued that Trump had endorsed outlandish candidates who turned easy victories into close races, and close races into losses,’ wrote reporter Anders Hagstrom.”

Trump Surprised Everyone When He Won in 2016. Then He Effectively Lost Three Elections in a Row. (Reader Steve)

From The Boston Globe: “Donald Trump says he doesn’t like losers. But here is the reality: Trump has effectively lost three elections in a row, in 2018, 2020, and 2022. No, his name wasn’t on the ballot in 2018. But the midterm elections that year became a referendum on his presidency. The result: Democrats took back the House and picked up seats in the Senate. Two years later, Trump lost the presidency. On Tuesday, his name wasn’t on the ballot, either, but he engaged in such a flurry of activity that the election became as much about him as it was about President Biden. Aiming to demonstrate he was the dominant force in his party, Trump endorsed some 300 candidates in this week’s elections, and in some cases handpicked candidates for major offices. He crisscrossed the country holding rallies until the end for his candidates. The result? Many candidates who embraced Trump-ism and election-denying fell short in competitive races.”

A ‘Psychological Vaccine’: Why Prebunking Is the Best Way to Fight Misinformation (Sean)

From Big Think: “Given the challenges of debunking, the last decade has seen a revival of research in prebunking. Specifically, ‘psychological inoculation’ — essentially exposing people to small doses of misinformation and encouraging them to develop mental resistance strategies — has shown promise in reducing the belief in and spread of misinformation.”

California Quakes Mysteriously Preceded by Shifts in Earth’s Magnetic Field (Mili)

The author writes, “When the next big earthquake strikes somewhere around the world, it will arrive without warning, destroying infrastructure and putting lives at risk. Yet for days leading up to the event, titanic geological forces will already be at work, warping the crust in subtle ways that could, in theory, predict the coming catastrophe. One possible sign could involve flickers in the magnetic field that ebbs and flows around our planet. For decades, researchers have debated the merits of hunting for magnetic signatures to imminent tremors, for want of convincing evidence.”

We Should Eat More Plants. Here’s Which Ones Are Best for the Planet. (Gerry)

The author writes, “So you’re thinking about eating more plants? You’re in good company. Whether people are actually doing it, they’re certainly thinking and talking about it. A recent poll from Oklahoma State University that’s still undergoing peer review puts the number of American adults who say they’re vegan or vegetarian at 10 percent (a number consistent with other polls I’ve seen). Meanwhile, flexitarianism has also become a thing, and plant messages are everywhere. Plants themselves, not so much. So far, there’s no evidence that people are actually eating more of them — and meat consumption hasn’t decreased — but if you’re gonna do something, talking and thinking about it is a necessary first step.”

New Sneakers for Horses Cost $1,200 — Per Hoof (Dana)

From the New York Post: “Time to buy your horse a pair of Mare Jordans. A company is trying to bring street style to the equestrian world — by making custom designed, high-end sneakers for that special stud in your life. Pony owners looking for a spur of the moment gift are invited to drop as much as $5,000 on horse versions of popular sneakers made by a Kentucky company called Horse Kicks, which bills itself as the ‘world’s first online custom sneaker retailer exclusively for horses.’”


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