Benjamin Netanyahu
All the Scandals: The government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces legal action involving a series of scandals. Haaretz published a detailed guide to the investigations. Photo credit: Commander, U.S. Naval Forces... / Flickr

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The Plan to “Defund and Defang” Public Unions (Russ)

A rightwing alliance with deep pockets is preparing to strike a “mortal blow” to public unions. The usual suspects are involved.

GOP May Save DACA for a Price (Dan)

Trump wants the border wall and he’s going to have the GOP help him get it. How? By promising to save DACA if Democrats concede to funding the wall.

Worried About Election Interference? Congress Isn’t (Reader Steve)

States nor Congress are likely to provide the funds to prevent election interference. And states are worried that 2016 was just a test run for future efforts to destabilize US elections.

The Next Refugee Crisis (Dan)

The Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar are fleeing from government persecution. The UN reports the refugees at 123,000. And things only seem to be getting worse.

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