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California to End Sales of Gasoline-Only Cars by 2035 (Maria)

The author writes, “California on Thursday moved to require all new vehicles sold in the state by 2035 to be either electric or plug-in electric hybrids, a landmark move that could speed the end of gasoline-powered vehicles. California Governor Gavin Newsom first announced the plan to phase out vehicles that run only on gasoline by 2035 in September 2020. The California Air Resources Board voted on Thursday to approve the new rules, which set yearly rising zero- emission vehicle rules starting in 2026, but the Biden administration must still approve the new requirements before the plan can take effect.”

Should Former Presidents Get Special Legal Treatment? (Dana)

The author writes, “Last week, the F.B.I. searched the Florida home of former President Donald Trump and removed twenty-seven boxes of material that he had taken from the White House. A number of the boxes contained classified information. …  Some Trump opponents are concerned about the implications of an indictment — the possible political backlash and whether the precedent would encourage future administrations to investigate their predecessors. … These fears prompt the question of whether the Department of Justice should have a higher bar for prosecuting former Presidents than it does for other citizens. I recently spoke by phone with Steve Vladeck, an expert on national-security law and a professor at the University of Texas School of Law, about some of the issues raised by the search, which was sanctioned specifically by Attorney General Merrick Garland — and, more broadly, about how the D.O.J. should think about investigating political figures.” 

Doctors Blast Oz Over Fetterman Stroke Comments (Mili)

From MedPage Today: “Mehmet Oz, MD, Pennsylvania’s Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, is facing backlash — notably from a group of Pennsylvania physicians — after he said that his opponent, John Fetterman (D), probably wouldn’t have had a stroke earlier this year if he had ‘ever eaten a vegetable in his life.’ The celebrity doctor, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, made the comment after an old campaign video showing him buying ingredients for a vegetable crudité became the subject of ridicule on Twitter. Fetterman’s campaign joined in on the joke, tweeting that ‘in PA, we call this a veggie tray.’”

Russian Authorities Detain Journalists, Media Workers on Extortion, Fraud Charges (Sean)

From the Committee to Protect Journalists: “Russian authorities should immediately release journalists and media workers recently arrested on extortion and fraud charges and ensure that the country’s judicial system is not used to silence critical voices, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Tuesday. Between August 1, and August 16, Russian authorities raided the homes of and detained at least eight journalists and media workers in connection with alleged extortion and fraud, according to news reports.” 

Could Tiny Blood Clots Cause Long COVID’s Puzzling Symptoms? (Sean)

The author writes, “Researchers are baffled by long COVID: hundreds of studies have tried to unpick its mechanism, without much success. Now some scientists, and an increasing number of people with the condition, have been lining up behind the as-yet-unproven hypothesis that tiny, persistent clots might be constricting blood flow to vital organs, resulting in the bizarre constellation of symptoms that people experience.”

Expert Warns Water Shortage May Cause Nuclear Chaos (Mili)

From The Science Times: “One expert underscored that clean water security should be considered a question of national security to avert future disasters, such as nuclear war. Water scarcity has already sparked disputes worldwide, with experts warning that these clashes might escalate into full-fledged civil wars and even nuclear armageddon.”

She Put on a Podcast for Her Drive to Work. When She Got There, She Found a Naked Man Asleep in the Back Seat (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Well that’s a nude awakening. A woman drove about 30 miles to work on Monday with a naked man sleeping in the back seat, police said. The woman left her home in Providence, put on a podcast, and didn’t discover the stowaway until she arrived at her job in Easton around midnight, police said in a Facebook post. She called 911 and police arrived to find Jose Osorio21, sleeping on the floor of her Chevrolet Tahoe. He had a pair of shorts around one leg and a shirt wrapped around one arm, ‘leaving the rest of his body uncovered,’ police said.”


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