Donna Brazile
In the News: A recent batch of hacked emails, published by Wikileaks, document Donna Brazile tipping off the Clinton campaign about a debate question during the Democratic primary. At the time Brazile was a CNN contributor. CNN has cut ties with Brazile. Photo credit: Tim Pierce / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Clinton’s Approach to Climate Unmentioned (Russ)

There’s been hardly any mention of how a President Hillary Clinton would address Climate Change, probably the most pressing issue of all. Here’s a short analysis.

Major News Sites Mull Removing Deceptive Advertising (Jimmy)

Many news websites allow deceptive and potentially harmful advertisements to be placed next to regular news stories, often appearing as just another story. Thanks to contributions from viewers like you, WhoWhatWhy has and will continue to remain advertising free.

The Last Time the Hatch Act was Violated (Dan)

Only a few months ago, Housing of Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro was found to have violated the Hatch Act in favor of Hillary Clinton. Obama let Castro off the hook, but will Comey receive the same treatment if found to have violated the act?

Don’t Eat This Spinach! It’s Actually a Bomb Detector (Milicent)

MIT Scientists embed nanotubes in spinach leaves so they can pick up aromas (nitro-aromatics) from landmines and, in real-time, transmit the information wirelessly.

Love Thy Neighbor, and Thy Handgun (Jimmy)

An Alabama church has opened a gun range behind their building as part of an outreach ministry. “Jesus laid down His life for us, we’re here to protect our lives for Him.”

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