FDA Warns 'CBD Has the Potential to Harm You' ; Baby Seal Turns Up in Parking Garage ; and More Picks 11/29

‘Bleak’ Outlook as Carbon Emissions Gap Grows: UN

FDA Warns 'CBD Has the Potential to Harm You' ; Baby Seal Turns Up in Parking Garage ; and More Picks

FDA Warns 'CBD Has the Potential to Harm You' ; Baby Seal Turns Up in Parking Garage ; and More Picks 11/29

Workers in Democratic Republic of Congo Made Impotent by Pesticide: Human Rights Watch (Mili) 

The author writes, “Feronia, [a UK-funded firm] which dominates DR Congo’s palm-oil sector, had failed to give workers adequate protective equipment, HRW said.”

Worry Rises in Pentagon Over Trump’s Decision-Making (Reader Jim)

From CNN: “Tensions that have been mounting for months between some of the nation’s most senior military officers and President Donald Trump are boiling over after his decision to intervene in the cases of three service members accused of war crimes. A long-serving military officer put it bluntly, telling CNN ‘there is a morale problem,’ and senior Pentagon officials have privately said they are disturbed by the President’s behavior. Dismay in the Pentagon has been building over Trump’s sporadic, impulsive and contradictory decision-making on a range of issues, including his sudden pullback of troops in Syria. But now there are new and significant worries, as multiple military officials and retired officers say Trump’s intervention into high-profile war crimes cases cannot be ignored.”

‘CBD Has the Potential to Harm You,’ FDA Warns Consumers (Chris)

The author writes, “The FDA said that based on a lack of scientific information, the regulator cannot conclude that CBD is ‘generally recognized as safe among qualified experts for use in human and animal food.’ The announcement also disclosed that 15 companies around the U.S. had been warned that they were illegally selling products containing CBD. The compound ‘can cause’ liver injury, affect other drugs, and when combined with alcohol or other depressants can increase the risk of sedation or drowsiness, the revised consumer update reads. The FDA also detailed other potential side effects such as drowsiness, gastrointestinal distress and changes in mood.”

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Will the Gig Economy Prevail?’ (Chris)

From the London Review of Books: “What is new about the gig economy isn’t that it gives workers flexibility and independence, but that it gives employers something they have otherwise found difficult to attain: workers who are not, technically, their employees but who are nonetheless subject to their discipline and subordinate to their authority.”

How Did a Baby Seal End Up in a California Parking Garage? (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “A wayward seal pup rescued Sunday from a San Francisco-area parking garage has marine biologists puzzled, according to a Marine Mammal Center post on Facebook. ‘Unlike a California sea lion that seeks out food sources closer to shore, this young fur seal pup should be foraging well off the continental shelf in the open ocean,’ wrote Dr. Cara Field, staff veterinarian at the center, in the post.”


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