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Biodiversity: Can We Set Aside a Third of Our Planet for Nature? (Maria)

The author writes, “It’s being called a last chance for nature — 100 countries backing calls to protect 30% of the planet. The aim is to reach this goal by 2030 and conserve forests and other vital ecosystems in order to restore the natural world. The ‘30×30’ target is the key ambition of the UN biodiversity summit, COP 15. But as the talks in Montreal, Canada, move into their final days, there is division over this and many other targets.”

Sheriff Calls on Feds to Seize Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s Illegal Border Wall Equipment (Sean)

From The Intercept: “David Hathaway, the sheriff in southern Arizona’s Santa Cruz County, is offering a simple solution to stop Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s illegal wall of shipping containers along the border: Federal agents should begin seizing vehicles associated with the project. Hathaway’s county sits directly west of Cochise County, where Ducey has been dropping containers for the past month and a half despite federal officials repeatedly telling him that his actions are unauthorized and unlawful. With federal authorities doing nothing to act on those warnings, Hathaway has vowed to arrest the governor’s contractors if they cross the county line into his turf.”

Former Anti-Abortion Lobbyist Testifies to House Committee About ‘Stealth Missionaries’ at Supreme Court (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “An Evangelical minister and former longtime anti-abortion activist told members of Congress that he helped recruit wealthy conservative donors to serve as ‘stealth missionaries’ at the US Supreme Court, where they developed friendships with conservative justices that aligned with the group’s ‘social and religious’ views. The ‘overarching’ goal of Robert Schenck’s ‘Operation Higher Court’ sought to ‘gain insight into the conservative justices’ thinking and to shore up their resolve to render solid, unapologetic opinions,’ he told the House Judiciary Committee in sworn testimony.”

Case Against Lawmaker With Oath Keepers Ties Moves to Trial (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “A state court judge on Friday allowed to move to trial a lawsuit alleging that an Alaska lawmaker’s ties to the far-right Oath Keepers group disqualifies him from holding office. Superior Court Judge Jack McKenna denied a request by Republican Rep. David Eastman to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Randall Kowalke, who was among the individuals who this year filed challenges to Eastman’s candidacy with the Division of Elections. The division determined that Eastman, a Wasilla Republican, was eligible to run for reelection, but Kowalke’s attorneys argue the division failed to investigate Eastman’s eligibility under the so-called disloyalty clause of the state constitution.”

We Might Have Long COVID All Wrong (Russ)

From The New Republic: “Some post-Covid symptoms may be produced by the brain. Does that make them any less real?”

After Major Motorcycle Rallies, More Organs Available for Donation (Mili)

The author writes, “Major motorcycle rallies in the U.S. were linked to an increased incidence of organ donation and transplant, a retrospective cross-sectional study showed, suggesting that safety measures during these rallies should be implemented. Compared with the 4 weeks before and after rallies, there was an estimated 21% more organ donors per day during the rallies (incidence rate ratio [IRR] 1.21, 95% CI 1.09-1.35, P=0.001), as well as 26% more transplant recipients per day (IRR 1.26, 95% CI 1.12-1.42, P<0.001), reported Anupam Jena, MD, PhD, of Harvard Medical School in Boston, and colleagues.”

There Are Lots of Jews in Hollywood. Let a Rabbi Explain Why (Reader Jim)

From Rolling Stone: “Here’s something we’re not allowed to say about Ye/Kanye West’s recent series of antisemitic tirades: there’s a small grain of truth in them. No, obviously not the conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial, or downright fascistic claims that people who don’t believe in Christ shouldn’t hold public office. Ye has clearly crossed over into either profound mental illness, or hatred, or both. But it is true that Hollywood has a lot of Jewish people in it, right?”

It’s All Downhill for 300 Skiing Santas, a Grinch, and a Tree (Dana)

The author writes, “A bunch of Santa lookalikes took to the ski slopes to spread some seasonal cheer on Sunday. More than 300 jolly ol’ elves — all dressed in red — dashed together down a mountain with white beards and Santa hats flapping in the breeze at the Sunday River ski resort in Maine. A skiing Grinch and a skiing Christmas tree joined the party.”


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