Group of Immigrant Detainees in CA Begins Hunger Strike ; The Internet Is Drowning ; and More Picks 7/8

Immigrant Detainees Begin Hunger Strike in Yuba County Jail (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “At least 16 people detained by federal immigration authorities in the Yuba County [CA] jail have refused food for four days in the facility’s third hunger strike in 10 months. The immigration detainees, who are mixed in with other inmates at the Marysville jail, are demanding newer facilities, better medical attention, and follow-through on promises to improve conditions.” 

Does Shortwave Have a Future? (Reader Steve)

From Radio World: “Twenty years after the first big blow to shortwave, this frequency band and its potential is being revisited. After all, not all the listeners in the world have broadband, smart phones, data plans, connected cars or enough disposable income.”

The Internet Is Drowning (Chris)

The author writes, “A vast web of physical infrastructure undergirds the internet connections that touch nearly every aspect of modern life. Delicate fiber optic cables, massive data transfer stations, and power stations create a patchwork of literal nuts and bolts that facilitates the flow of zeros and ones. Now, research shows that a whole lot of that infrastructure sits squarely in the path of rising seas.”

Networked Dream Worlds (Chris)

From Real Life: “Is 5G solving real, pressing problems or merely creating new ones?”

On the Run (Russ)

The author writes,Pablo Neruda’s exile marked one of the 20th century’s greatest literary chase scenes, and the Cold War’s first global manhunt.”

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