In the News: The Rio Olympics have come to a successful conclusion. For many ordinary Brazilians, however, a bitter after taste remains. About this photo: Rio Olympic Games Men's 5,000-meter run medal ceremony.  Photo credit: US Army / Flickr

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Arctic Goes Nuts With Climate Change (Russ)

July was the warmest month ever in Anchorage, Alaska. A US toxic waste dump in Greenland, dating back to the Cold War era, is in danger of being exposed by melting ice. And in Siberia, ancient anthrax was exposed by the thaw — one child has died so far and dozens hospitalized.

In-Person Voter Fraud Not a Problem in States Pushing for Voter ID Laws (Klaus)

An extensive investigation of voter impersonation cases in states pushing for stringent “Voter ID” laws has shown that the violations those are virtually non-existent.

Despite Falsifying Jail Logs, Two Guards Got Police Jobs After Sandra Bland’s Death (Trevin)

The logs implied Bland was fine an hour before she was found dead, but two hours had elapsed since she was checked on.

Trump Scales Back Deportations Talk (Dan)

His “deportation force” is now “to be determined.”

Powell: Clinton’s Team is Trying to Blame Her Email Use on Him (Klaus)

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to “pin” her use of a private email server on him.

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