Dem Establishment Cashes in on Ocasio-Lopez ; Time to Revisit Legality of US-Mexico Border? ...and More Picks 7/5

Establishment Rushes In With Cash for Ocasio-Cortez (Russ)

She upset a Democratic kingmaker. Now the Establishment wants in.

Revisiting the Legality of the US-Mexico Border (Reader Steve)

The election of Lopez Obrador in Mexico has revived a sense of nationalism in the country. Is now the time to revisit the US-Mexico border, a division achieved through so-called “manifest destiny?”

What Will Happen to Theresa May? (Dan)

British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to reorganize her cabinet. Or will her cabinet reorganize her?

A Summer of Oil Ups and Downs (Dan)

President Trump is telling the Saudis to increase oil production — thus lowering oil prices before the November midterm elections — while promising to financially lock out countries who are using Iranian oil. Here’s an overview of summer oil politics.

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