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AT&T and Verizon Agree to New Delay of 5G Rollout (Maria)

The author writes, “AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. said they agreed to delay their rollout of a new 5G service for two weeks, reversing course after previously declining a request by US transportation officials. AT&T said late Monday that the company had voluntarily agreed to an additional two-week delay, at the request of the US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Verizon also said it had agreed to a two-week delay that would ensure the new service would go live in January. The two companies on Sunday had rebuffed a Dec. 31 request by Mr. Buttigieg and FAA Administrator Steve Dickson to delay their rollout of a new 5G signal for up to two weeks to allow aviation regulators to address safety concerns.”

Anatomy of a Death Threat (DonkeyHotey)

From Reuters: “Trump supporters have waged a campaign of intimidation against the state and local officials who administer U.S. elections. This visual analysis explores hundreds of menacing messages — and explains why they’re difficult to counter.”

On His Deathbed, Friendly Family Man Gave Up His 50-Year Secret: He Was a Fugitive From 1969 Bank Heist (Reader Steve)

From The Oregonian: “Just before Thomas Randele died, his wife of nearly 40 years asked his golfing buddies and his co-workers from the dealerships where he sold cars to come by their home. They gathered to say goodbye to a guy they called one of the nicest people they’d ever known — a devoted family man who gushed about his daughter, a golfer who never bent the rules, a friend to so many that a line stretched outside the funeral home a week later. By the time of their final visit last May at Randele’s house in suburban Boston, the cancer in his lungs had taken away his voice. So they all left without knowing that their friend they’d spent countless hours swapping stories with never told them his biggest secret of all.”

10 Lessons I’ve Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic (Sean)

From Stat: “Multiple commissions and panels have been set up to learn the lessons of this pandemic so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes next time. (Yes, sadly, there will be a next time.) More commissions and panels are likely to follow. But already, some things have become abundantly clear. Here are 10 lessons I’ve learned in the past two years.”

Your Cat Could Burn Your House Down, Korean Officials Warn After 107 Fires Sparked by Felines (Dan)

The author writes, “South Korean officials have a message for pet owners in Seoul: Beware, your cat might burn your house down. The warning comes as the capital’s Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters estimated that more than 100 fires over the past three years were started by cats, many of which managed to turn on electric stoves with their furry paws.”

In a ‘Major Win,’ 2 Sumatran Tiger Cubs Are Born at the Dallas Zoo (Carina)

The author writes, “It’s cuteness overload at the Dallas Zoo, where two Sumatran tiger cubs were born earlier this month. The healthy cubs — a male and a female — were born on Dec. 6, each weighing about 2 pounds, the zoo announced Monday. Their mom is Suki and their dad is Kuasa, making them full siblings to Sumini, a cub born over the summer. Sumini was the first tiger born at the Dallas Zoo since 1948.”


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