Uighurs, China, Muslims
A United Nations human rights panel has received reports that the government of China has isolated one to two million ethnic Uighurs and Muslims from the rest of the population. China claims that the Han Chinese majority in the region where the Uighurs live faces serious threats of terrorist attacks. Photo credit: Dan Lundberg / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Merkel’s Weekend Plans? Meet with Putin (Dan)

Putin has won another surprise meeting with a Western leader. This time it’s German chancellor Angela Merkel. The two are set to discuss Syria, Ukraine, and the natural gas pipeline that President Trump claimed made Germany “captive” to Russia.

Apple Complains About Property Taxes (Reader Steve)

Think you deserve lower taxes? Apple is leading a years-long effort to recoup millions of dollars paid in taxes for equipment they say is overvalued.

Plunge in Lira, Turkey’s Currency, Fuels Fears of Financial Contagion (Dan)

Will Turkey’s financial trouble, which has worsened since the US recently passed more sanctions, affect other regional markets? The answer is definitely maybe.

Who’s Watching YOU Type? (Gerry)

The author writes, “The data collection is invisible to those being watched. Using sensors in your phone or code on websites, companies can gather thousands of data points, known as ‘behavioral biometrics,’ to help prove whether a digital user is actually the person she claims to be.”

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