Georgians Frustrated Over Shifting Virus Data ; Coronavirus Crisis Causes Urgent GP Hospital Referrals to Plummet ; and More Picks 4/24

‘Confused and Scared’: Georgians Frustrated Over Shifting Virus Data (Dana)

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “As Gov. Brian Kemp moves to re-open the economy, researchers and ordinary Georgians are turning to the state Department of Public Health’s published data on coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths to draw their own conclusions on if it’s safe to return to barber shops and restaurants.”

2,700 Cancers Missed Every Week: Coronavirus Crisis Causes Urgent GP Hospital Referrals to Plummet (Mili)

The author writes, “There is a growing concern among medical professionals that patients with serious illnesses are suffering from the ‘collateral damage’ of the coronavirus crisis.”

Anti-Quarantine Protests Seem Spontaneous. But Behind the Scenes, a Powerful Network Is Helping. (Celia)

The authors write, “A network of right-leaning individuals and groups, aided by nimble online outfits, has helped incubate the fervor erupting in state capitals across the country. The activism is often organic and the frustration deeply felt, but it is also being amplified, and in some cases coordinated, by longtime conservative activists, whose robust operations were initially set up with help from Republican megadonors.”

Bailout Money Bypasses Hard-Hit New York, California for North Dakota, Nebraska (Dana)

The author writes, “Analysis found that businesses in states that Trump won in 2016 received a far greater share of the small-business relief funds than those won by his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. Eight of the top 10 recipient states — ranked according to the proportion of each state’s businesses that received funding — went to Trump in 2016.”

To Understand the Medical Supply Shortage, It Helps to Know How the US Lost the Lithium Ion Battery to China (Reader Steve)

From ProPublica: “The failed U.S. effort to dominate global production of the lithium ion battery — which is key to energy independence, automobile innovation and more — holds lessons for leaders grappling with the U.S.’s reliance on China for emergency medical supplies.”

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