Apple Park, Cupertino
Tax Reform: Apple Inc. announced plans Tuesday to buy back $100 billion in stock. The 2017 tax reform bill may result in over $800 billion in stock buybacks this year by S&P 500 companies. Money used for buybacks is not available for capital investment, hiring, or pay raises. Photo credit: Michael Estigoy / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Apple Stock Buyback

Oil Prices Too Low for Saudis ; Nasty Extras Required of Cheerleaders ...and More Picks

Oil Prices Too Low for Saudis ; Nasty Extras Required of Cheerleaders ...and More Picks 5/3

IMF: Saudi Arabia Needs Oil at $85 (Jeff C.)

The Kingdom has projected a budget deficit of $52 billion in 2018, or 7.3 percent of GDP. This story further buttresses the claim that even the most efficient oil-producing countries need global prices much higher than they are now.

Lawyers: Scan Suggests Alleged 9/11 Plotter Suffered Head Injury in CIA Custody (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Brain scans conducted on the man accused of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks show damage consistent with abuse he might have suffered in CIA custody, his lawyers reveal in a war court memo obtained by McClatchy. If proven, the development could make it less likely that he would face the death penalty.”

Professional Cheerleaders Recount Sleazy Extra Duties (Kirsty)

The Washington Redskins required its cheerleaders to go topless during photo shoots and act as personal escorts for team sponsors, according to a report in the New York Times.

Iran Ordered to Pay Billions to Relatives of 9/11 Victims (Jimmy)

No, not Saudi Arabia, but Iran. A federal judge on Tuesday ordered Iran to pay billions to 9/11 victims’ families.

There Is No True Secret to Happiness — Sorry! (Kirsty)

A new book puts paid to the myth that money, fame, and the like can make you feel better. The author writes about it in the Guardian.

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