Eric Holder, Barack Obama
The Chickenshit Club: In his book, released last week, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jesse Eisinger describes how the US system of justice fails to hold Wall Street titans and corporate CEO's to account for crimes that harm millions of Americans. Did President Obama and Eric Holder's too big to jail policies pave the way for Trump victory? Photo credit: Obama White House Archives

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US Invaded Iraq and Now Iran Dominates It (Russ)

Pretty good deal 14 years in? Not so much.

Death of Cash in Urban China (Dan)

Need to pay for something? Pull out your phone.

Republican Caitlyn Jenner Weighs Run for Senate in CA (Trevin)

The ”bluest state in the Union” does have a history of electing Republican actors and TV personalities.

Why Big Pharma Charges High Costs for Medication (Dan)

Hint: It’s not for research and development.

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