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An Auto CEO Weighs In on Heavy EVV Batteries (Maria)

 From The Verge: “The race to cram heavier and heavier batteries into bigger and bigger electric vehicles hit a speed bump today when a major automaker CEO finally threw up his hands and asked why.’I have no idea what’s going on in this industry right now,’ Ford CEO Jim Farley said during his company’s capital markets event Monday. He referenced electric vehicles coming out with 450–500 miles of range, including ‘a three-row crossover’ announced today that was likely the new electric Cadillac Escalade. Higher ranges will necessitate bigger batteries, he noted, adding, ‘These batteries are huge.'”

Ron DeSantis Just Took Two Big Steps to Make Trans Lives Illegal (Dana)

From Rolling Stone: “Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on Wednesday signed several bills into law that will criminalize multiple aspects of being transgender, part of a broader attack aimed at making it at best difficult — and at worst illegal — to be a trans person in Florida. Although inaccurately framed as being bills whose purpose is to “let kids be kids,” we must closely examine these new laws to understand the full scope of DeSantis’s anti-LGBTQ efforts — and the fact that he has no clear end in sight.”

Meta Fined Record $1.3 Billion and Ordered to Stop Sending European User Data to US (Sean)

From AP News: “The European Union slapped Meta with a record $1.3 billion privacy fine Monday and ordered it to stop transferring users’ personal information across the Atlantic by October, the latest salvo in a decade-long case sparked by US cybersnooping fears.”

Milwaukee Police’s 15-Day Video Release Policy Will Not Be in Effect during 2024 Republican National Convention (Al)

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Police Chief Jeffrey Norman requested the suspension, arguing the policy could create conflicts with out-of-state and federal law enforcement agencies that are expected to have a significant presence during the convention. … Passed in April, the new policy requires the Milwaukee Police Department to release body camera and other footage of critical incidents within 15 days, with no exceptions. Family members of victims are given access to footage within 48 hours.”

Checking in on the Status of the National Popular Vote Compact–Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan (Reader Steve) 

From Election Law Blog: “No state has joined the National Popular Vote Compact since 2019, which now sits at 195 electoral votes’ worth of states who’ve joined on (down a touch since 2019 due to congressional reapportionment). It needs 75 more electoral votes’ worth of states before it would take effect.”

Koalas Are Dying from Chlamydia. A New Vaccine Effort Is Trying to Save Them (Laura)

The author writes, “Last February, Australia’s federal government declared koalas “endangered” in the eastern regions of New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

Facing compounded threats from disease, habitat loss and road collisions, koalas could become extinct by 2050, according to a 2020 assessment from the New South Wales government. Around half of wild koalas in Queensland are already infected with chlamydia, scientists estimate. In deciding to vaccinate, the scientists are balancing the risk of disturbing the animals against the danger of allowing the disease to spread.”


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