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Ambitious Genome Project Shows How Humans Fit With Other Mammals (Maria)

The author writes, “Scientists on Thursday unveiled the results of a project comparing the genomes of 240 mammal species — from aardvarks and aye-ayes to zebus and zebras, as well as people — to trace evolutionary changes spanning 100 million years, pinpointing genetic traits widely shared and those more uniquely human. The findings in the ambitious Zoonomia Project identified parts of the genome functionally important in people and other mammals and showed how certain mutations can cause disease. … The researchers said the findings on hibernation genetics could inform human therapeutics, critical care and long-distance space flight.”

Ron DeSantis in Guantánamo: How Questions About His Past Haunt the Florida Governor (Gerry)

The authors write, “As a young navy lawyer, the Republican was posted to the notorious prison camp. What he did there — and his role in the investigation of three deaths — remains controversial.”

Kansas’ New Anti-Trans Bill Is So Extreme Some Cis Women Could Be Banned From Toilets (Dana)

From Pink News: “SB 180, entitled the Women’s Bill of Rights, bans trans and intersex women from toilets, changing rooms and prison facilities that align with their gender, as well as barring trans women from accessing domestic abuse shelters and rape crisis centers. The legislation has been criticized as legally erasing trans people by stating an ‘individual’s “sex” means an individual’s sex at birth, either male or female.’ Definitions outlined in the bill also state a female is a person who produces ‘ova’ — in other words, eggs — meaning cis women who are infertile and are unable to produce eggs could be barred from spaces under the legislation’s legal terms.” 

Wagner’s Prigozhin Warns He’s Ready to Withdraw From Bakhmut (Sean)

The author writes, “Wagner forces may withdraw from Ukraine’s eastern city of Bakhmut because of growing casualties and an acute shortage of ammunition, said the mercenary group’s founder Yevgeny Prigozhin. ‘I am writing this letter to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu with a request to immediately issue ammunition,’ Prigozhin said in an 86-minute video interview conducted Friday with Russian military correspondent Semyon Pegov and posted Saturday on the WarGonzo Telegram channel. If sufficient ammunition isn’t provided right away, Prigozhin said he would ‘consider it necessary’ to complain to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The comments, which were largely ignored by Russian state media, are the latest sign of tension between the mercenary operation and Russia’s defense ministry, which Wagner relies on for the provision of ammunition and other materiel.” 

US Cities See ‘Urban Mining’ Potential in Building Deconstruction (Laura)

From Context: “The cavernous Maryland warehouse housing Community Forklift bulges with doors, windows, flooring and light fixtures, some lightly used, some more so, but all for sale at big discounts. Dozens of customers browsed the wares on a recent weekday morning at the East Coast store, part of a growing drive to keep building materials out of landfills and in the economy — with important climate, sustainability and social benefits.”

Mattel Introduces First Barbie With Down Syndrome (Mili)

The author writes, “Toy company Mattel revealed its first Barbie doll representing a person with Down syndrome [last week]. Mattel collaborated with the National Down Syndrome Society to create the Barbie and ‘ensure the doll accurately represents a person with Down syndrome,’ the company said.”

Revealed: Churchill’s Secret Wartime Letters to the Royal Albert Hall (Al)

From the Royal Albert Hall: “Winston Churchill wanted to use Hitler’s lost testicle as a propaganda tool during the Second World War, papers released by the Royal Albert Hall have revealed. Historians say that the newly-unearthed documents, dating from August 1940, cast new light on the war of information, showing how no stone was left unturned when it came to undermining the Nazis.”


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