What Is 'Catch and Release'? ; What is Modern Monetary Theory? ; and More Picks 3/22

Trump’s Free Speech Executive Order Isn’t About Free Speech (DonkeyHotey)

It’s actually about power — specifically, the conservative attempt to seize it on college campuses. President Donald Trump gleefully pressed on another culture war hot button Thursday afternoon, issuing an executive order that’s supposed to address allegedly serious threats to free speech on America’s college campuses.

What Is ‘Catch and Release’? (Chris)

From Pacific Standard: “The president uses the term to refer to immigrant families getting released before their court dates. But advocates say the term is both misleading and dehumanizing.”

What Is Modern Monetary Theory? (Tom)

From Bloomberg: “An overview of a once-fringe school of economic thought that’s suddenly of the moment.”

Pompeo Says It’s Possible Trump Was Sent to Save Jewish People (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “[Pompeo] made the comments during an interview in Jerusalem with the Christian Broadcasting Network.”

114 Years of Waiting (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Callers were on hold for a total of one million hours trying to get in touch with eight [Texas] state agencies over a two-year period ending in August 2017, according to a new state audit.”

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