In the News: The District of Columbia has a plan for statehood on the November 8th ballot. DC has more citizens living within its borders than reside in Vermont or Wyoming. Vermont and Wyoming have two Senators and one Representative each, while DC has no voting representation in Congress. About this photo: US Capitol at dusk. Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Martin Falbisoner / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Bank CEO: QE and NIRP are a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ (Jeff C.)

It always should give the masses pause when a banker comes out and uses plain language confirming our deepest skepticisms for the global economy. “The real issue here is that there is no growth,” Saxo’s Kim Fournais admitted to CNBC.

Clinton Drops Climate Change (Trevin)

Since the Sanders endorsement, it’s been all Trump, all the time. Climate change has been mentioned in only one of every five speeches.

Bipartisan Agreement Over Wells Fargo Scamming  (Dan)

Elizabeth Warren, joined by Democrats and Republicans, called for an investigation of Wells Fargo and a refund to affected parties.

NRA Pumping Trump Margins in Rural Areas (Russ)

The lobbying group is looking to generate record turnout in suburbs and rural areas where most people have guns.

Amazon Algorithm Hides Best Deal (Russ)

According to this research, Amazon gives its own products an advantage over others it handles that may be a better bargain.

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