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On this Day: On March 8, 1971 peace activists broke into an FBI office and stole over 1000 classified documents. Examination of the documents by the press ultimately led to the exposure of the FBI's Cointelpro domestic spying program. About this photo: Former site of FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania. Photo credit: Smallbones / Wikimedia

AI’s Creepy Win in Texas Hold ‘Em

How Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Targets the Entire World ; CIA Testimony Ordered on Black Site ... and more Picks

How Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Targets the Entire World ; CIA Testimony Ordered on Black Site ... and more Picks for 3/8.

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Two Poker-Playing AIs Beat Top Professionals at Their Own Game (Gerry)

Chess and Go were comparatively “easy” for artificial-intelligence programs to master: all the information is right on the table. But Texas Hold ‘em, a poker game in which each player is dealt two face-down cards, calls for the ability to “intuit” what your opponent is holding. Now two AI robots have solved that problem — with serious implications for real-world apps.

How Trump’s Target Could Prevent Entrance from Any Country (Dan)

Language used in the new Executive Order mentions a required compliance from countries that allow travel to the US. Some countries have broken off diplomatic relations with the US, others have no government at all, and the list goes on.

The Word ‘Science’ Now Has No Place in the EPA (Sea)

President Trump’s team has been editing the language of websites and literature for various government departments and committees, demonstrating how those agencies’ purposes and policies will be coerced to change under this administration. Of course, this meant it was inevitable that science has been eliminated from the Environmental Protection Agency’s methods and purpose.

DoJ Drops Child Porn Case to Protect Tor Network Exploit (Jimmy)

The DoJ dropped a case against a defendant who allegedly used the anonymous Tor network to browse child porn websites. Legal discovery would have required DoJ disclose hacks it exploited allowing it to de-anonymize the Tor network and discover IP addresses of criminal suspects.

Guantánamo Judge Orders CIA Testimony on Destroyed ‘Black Site’ Videotapes (Jimmy)

The defense attorneys for Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, the alleged USS Cole bombing plotter, have been granted privilege to call former CIA officials to testify regarding the defendant’s subjection to torture techniques and the subsequent CIA destruction of video tapes documenting it.

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