The Ecological War on Gaza ; David Koch the Dinosaur Buff ; and More Picks 9/10

For Some Texans, Nearest Abortion Clinic Is 250 Miles Away (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Faced with drives of four hours or more to Fort Worth, Dallas, El Paso or out-of-state clinics, many women need at least two days to obtain an abortion — a situation that advocates say exacerbates the challenges of arranging child care, taking time off work and finding lodging.”

The Ecological War on Gaza (Chris)

From Jewish Currents:In July, Forensic Architecture released a report titled ‘Herbicidal Warfare in Gaza,’ detailing the results of their investigation, which finds … crop deaths were caused by herbicides sprayed by Israel and carried into Gaza by the wind. The findings raise the disturbing possibility that the Israeli military has been engaging in a form of ecological warfare.”

Fact Checking the ‘Fact Checker’ (Chris)

The author writes, “[Glenn] Kessler’s critics are not confined to Twitter or the Sanders campaign, but are legion — if much more private — within the [Washington] Post newsroom, where his work is seen by many young reporters and editors as an embarrassment.”

NYT Remembers David Koch More as Philanthropist Than Polluter (Russ)

From FAIR: “According to the Times obituary, Koch was a gregarious 6-foot-5 former college basketball star, a dinosaur buff and a fan of the ballet.”

Crops Under Solar Panels Can Be a Win-Win (Mili)

The author writes, “Farmers could save water, make money from a solar lease, and might even find that workers are much more comfortable and safe working under some shade — all while allowing solar arrays to expand in those areas without competing for land with agriculture.”

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