US Tracks Migrant Menstruation ; Giant Water Bugs Eat Turtles ; and More Picks 4/4

Georgia GOPers Call for Journalism ‘Ethics’ Board (Celia)

Georgia Republicans, who have excelled at suppressing voters, now want to suppress the media.

ICE Arrests 280 Workers in Largest Workplace Immigration Raid in a Decade (Chris)

The authors write, “The morning raid in the Collin County city of Allen [in Texas] came after an investigation into CVE Technology Group, which refurbishes and repairs cellphones and other consumer electronics.”

The US Is Tracking Migrant Girls’ Periods to Stop Them From Getting Abortions (Chris)

From Harper’s Bazaar: “There are 28 pages detailing the periods, pregnancies and reason for the pregnancy (whether by rape or not) of teen girls in custody, some of whom are as young as 12.”

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Holding Execs Criminally Liable for Scams and Data Breaches (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “Plenty of people will say that no CEO can possibly oversee the operations of a billion dollar company well enough to prevent it from engaging in widespread fraud or suffering catastrophic breaches, but of course, the natural rejoinder is that this means that we shouldn’t have companies that are too big to effectively oversee (let alone too big to fail).”

Giant Water Bugs Eat Turtles, Ducklings, and Even Snakes (Mili)

From National Geographic: “A fearless aquatic predator emerges from a new study compiling decades of research.”

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