Protesters Massacred in Bolivia ; Trump Asks Tokyo to Quadruple Payments for US Troops in Japan ; and More Picks 11/19

Protesters Massacred in Post-Coup Bolivia (Chris)

The author writes, “In an extraordinary break with human rights protocol, the government has granted the military immunity from prosecution if they use force in ‘legitimate defense,’ in a decree leaked on social media by the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights.”

For Cement’s Massive Carbon Footprint, Some Concrete Steps (Chris)

From Undark: “Cement is one of the global economy’s most carbon-polluting industries. Responsible for about 8 percent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2015, if it were ranked with individual countries, the cement industry would be the third-largest greenhouse-gas emitter in the world behind only China and the United States. And this already outsized footprint is only projected to grow in the coming decades as economic development and rapid urbanization continue across Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.” 

Hundreds of SFPD Officers Sue Hunters Point Contractor Over Health Problems (Reader Steve)

The authors write, “The engineering and consulting firm Tetra Tech Inc. and a pair of subsidiaries exposed hundreds of police employees to unsafe levels of hazardous materials at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, leading to chronic health problems and at least two deaths, according to a federal lawsuit brought by nearly 400 current and former officers and staff of the San Francisco Police Department, as well as 150 of their spouses and partners.”

Trump Asks Tokyo to Quadruple Payments for US Troops in Japan (DonkeyHotey)

From Foreign Policy: “The move is part of the administration’s campaign to get U.S. allies to pay more for defense. South Korea is also being asked to pony up.”

A Man’s New Bionic Eye Lets Him See After an Accident Blinded Him (Mili)

The author writes, “[Jason] Esterhuizen is one of six people in the world to be outfitted with the Orion, an experimental device that takes video footage, converts it into electrical activity, and stimulates the pattern onto the visual processing centers of his brain.”

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