Coasts Should Plan for 6.5 Feet Sea Level Rise ; 'Last US Slave Ship' Found ; and More Picks 5/23

3D-Printed Guns May Soon Be Outlawed In New York Under Bill Now Before Gov. Cuomo

Coasts Should Plan for 6.5 Feet Sea Level Rise ; 'Last US Slave Ship' Found ; and More Picks

Coasts Should Plan for 6.5 Feet Sea Level Rise ; 'Last US Slave Ship' Found ; and More Picks 5/23

We Still Don’t Know the Full Story About the Ballots Destroyed in Broward County (Chris)

The author writes, “I was a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 23rd District in 2016. After the election ended with a loss, I had questions about the process and the result. … Election officials refused my several requests to see the ballots, and after months of delay, we filed a lawsuit under Florida’s public-records laws. Three months later, Broward County election officials simply destroyed all of the thousands of ballots cast in my race. The Circuit Court subsequently ruled in my favor and found that the ballot destruction violated state law, Florida administrative regulations and federal law.”

Coasts Should Plan for 6.5 Feet Sea Level Rise by 2100 as Precaution, Experts Say (Chris)

From Inside Climate News: “[The] projection of 6.5 feet of sea level rise [from a new study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences] is based on a worst-case emissions scenario in which little is done to rein in greenhouse gases and the planet warms as much as 5 degrees Celsius (9°F) above pre-industrial times. That amount of sea level rise could inundate nearly 700,000 square miles — almost equal to the entire land mass of Indonesia — ‘including critical regions of food production and displacement of up to 187 million people,’ the authors write.”

What the UN Report on Biodiversity Loss Means for the World’s Driest Places (Mili)

The author writes, “From the Australian Outback to the American Southwest, dry regions cover over 42% of the earth’s land surface and house over two billion people. Perhaps counterintuitively, these arid and semi-arid regions can be hotbeds of biodiversity. The climate extremes that define drylands often result in distinct adaptations that lead to diverse plant and animal species unique to dryland areas.”

A Texas Woman’s Fight With a Healthcare System She Says Let Her Down (Reader Steve)

From the Houston Chronicle: “As Brittany Parsons battled back to recovery she has also had to fight a Texas health system that abandoned her at every turn. The emergency room where she sought care, her insurer that was suppose to cover her treatment, and the state agency that should have helped her all appear to have skirted, ignored or outright violated state law and insurance rules.”

Clotilda Wreck: ‘Last US Slave Ship’ Found in Alabama (Gerry)

The author writes, “The last ship known to have smuggled slaves from Africa to the US is said to have been discovered after a year-long investigation. The remains of the Clotilda were found at the bottom of the Mobile river in Alabama. The ship was used to smuggle men, women and children into America from Africa. It operated in secret, decades after Congress banned the importation of slaves, and was intentionally sunk in 1860 to hide evidence of its use.”

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