Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This photo of Martin Luther King was taken at a press conference March 26, 1964.  Photo Credit: Library of Congress / Wikimedia

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Is the Oregon Standoff Part of a Larger Right-Wing Conspiracy? (Gerry)

Having trouble understanding the background, the militants and the deeper issues at play in the armed occupation of a federal building in Burns, Oregon? For some answers, click here.

Jeb Bush Clearly Not Coordinating with Super PAC (Klaus)

In Iowa, Bush asked “What the hell is that?” when driving by a billboard put up by a Super PAC that supports him.

How GOP Persuaded White Americans ‘Government’ Was Their Enemy (Russ)

An historian on one of the biggest and most effective scams of all time.

Air Force Apologizes for “Fun Shoot” Scheduled on MLK Day (Russ)

Base in Georgia had the bright idea to schedule shootings to mark Dr. King’s death…by shooting.

A Long Road Ahead for US and Iran  (Ben)

Now that the sanctions have been lifted, there are still issues to be dealt with.

Washington Firms Enable Countries that Abuse Human Rights (Ben)

Lobbyists earn millions from countries that have the worst records of human rights violations, shaping  public opinion and downplaying their abuses.

Porter Ranch Methane Leak Spreads Across LA’s San Fernando Valley (Trevin)

The catastrophic leak spewing over 83,000 metric tons of methane since October, has spread, forcing relocation of residents from nearby Granada Hills, Chatsworth and Northridge.

UK Classifies Cost of Assange-Related Covert Activity (Trevin)

Estimates £12.6m was spent patrolling the Ecuadorian Embassy between June 2012 – August 2015.

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