Map of the Day: Of the eleven battleground states in the  2016 presidential, indicated orange above, only three have not implemented voting restrictions or reduced polling locations since 2012. Photo credit: WhoWhatWhy

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Long, Long Early Voting Lines Direct Result of Suppression (Russ)

There’s method (and intent) to the maddening waits.

Voting By People of Color “Explodes” (Russ)

Late in the early voting process, buoyed by appeals from Obama and others, blacks and Latinos turned out in very high numbers.

How FBI Reviewed 650,000 Emails in Eight Days (Milicent)

Donald Trump says FBI Director James Comey could not have personally read all those emails. He’s right: the FBI used automated search and filtering tools. This may be hard for Trump to understand: he cannot use a computer.

Report Says Two-Thirds of Wild Animals Dead by 2020 (Jimmy)

Farming and logging have had a devastating impact on the world’s wild animal population. From 1970 to 2012, wild animal populations declined 58%, with that number set to increase to 67% by 2020.

How Smoking Causes Cancer: the Smoking Gun (Milicent)

New study: The more you smoke, the more your cells mutate, and the higher the chance a key gene will mutate — the kind that converts normal cells to cancer. On average, a lifetime smoker develops 150 mutations in each lung cell every year; 97 in the voice box; 23 in the mouth; 18 in the bladder; six in the liver. The mutations are permanent.

UAE Gets Serious About Reading (Jimmy)

The UAE recently passed a “national law of reading”, including measures allowing government employees dedicated time to read at work, mandatory reading material at coffee shops, branches of libraries in shopping malls, and books exempted from taxes.

Video: Psychic Scottish Goat Predicts Next US President (Trevin)

Boots the goat gives performing dogs a run for their money with this astonishing trick. He correctly predicted Brexit too!

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