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16 Montana Kids Are Suing the State Over Climate Change. Here’s What to Know. (Maria)

The author writes, “A Montana judge will hear arguments in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit on Monday that will decide whether the state’s contribution to climate change violates its Constitution, which explicitly guarantees a right to a ‘clean and healthful environment.’ In Held v. Montana, which was brought forward by 16 Montana youth as young as five, plaintiffs argue that state legislators have put the interests of the state’s fossil fuel industry over their climate future. … The so-called Treasure State is home to legendary landmarks such as Yellowstone National Park, but also has the largest recoverable coal reserves in the country.”

Georgia GOP Elects Election Deniers to Key Posts (Reader Steve)

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “A host of hardline conservative activists who support Donald Trump’s election fraud lies were elected to top party leadership posts by more than 2,000 delegates to this weekend’s Georgia GOP convention.” 

10 More Minors, 42 More Women in Total to Sue West Virginia State Police Over Hidden Cameras (Dana)

The author writes, “According to a letter sent by Cpl. Joseph Comer, a member of the WV State Police, to state lawmakers, Governor Jim Justice, and the office of the Attorney General on February 16, a hidden camera or cameras were placed and operated inside the female locker room at the State Police Academy. Toriseva says her clients and other female Junior Trooper program attendees accessed and used the female locker room at the Academy during the time the anonymous letter states the cameras were in use.”

17 Fatalities, 736 Crashes: The Shocking Toll of Tesla’s Autopilot (Gerry and Reader Jim)

From The Washington Post: “Tesla’s driver-assistance system, known as Autopilot, has been involved in far more crashes than previously reported. The number of such crashes has surged over the past four years, the data shows, reflecting the hazards associated with increasingly widespread use of Tesla’s futuristic driver-assistance technology as well as the growing presence of the cars on the nation’s roadways.”

Scientists Are Trying to Find a Mystery Person in Ohio Who Has a New Kind of COVID and Is Shedding It Into the Sewage (Sean)

From Insider: “‘Cryptic’ COVID-19 lineages are new versions of the virus that haven’t been seen before. A researcher says one person in Ohio is shedding massive amounts of a new kind of COVID. Identifying people with mysterious strains can help scientists to preempt dangerous mutations.”

World Ocean Day: How Much Plastic Is in Our Oceans? (Mili)

The author writes, “According to UNESCO, 8-10 million tons of plastic are released into the sea every year. On World Ocean Day, Al Jazeera visualizes what that looks like.”

Marriages in China Slump to Historic Low (Roshni) 

The author writes, “Marriages in China dropped in 2022 to their lowest since records began, local news outlet Yicai reported on Sunday, continuing a steady decline over the past decade. Demographers warn China will get old before it gets rich, as its workforce shrinks and indebted local governments spend more on their elderly population.”

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