'Havana Syndrome' Study Looks at Brains of Alleged Victims ; Artists Back Out of Whitney Biennial in Protest ; and More Picks 7/24

After Weeks in Federal Immigration Detention, US Teen Is Unceremoniously Released (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “After nearly a month in federal immigration custody, Francisco Galicia, 18, whose birth certificate says he is an American citizen, was suddenly released Tuesday afternoon just as his attorney showed up in person.”

New ‘Havana Syndrome’ Study Looks at Brains of Alleged Victims (Mili)

From CNN: “MRI brain scans from 40 patients … showed variations in brain structure and functional connectivity, which measures relationships among different brain regions, when compared with 48 other adults. ‘There were group differences all over the brain,’ said study author Ragini Verma, professor of radiology and neurosurgery at University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. ‘Especially in an area called the cerebellum, which is also implicated in the kind of clinical symptoms that most of these patients were demonstrating, which is balance, eye movement, dizziness, etcetera.’ … However, the authors note that the clinical importance of these findings is uncertain, and they didn’t have earlier MRIs of the patients to compare what their brains looked like before the incidents. Moreover, these patterns don’t fit a clear picture of a specific disorder, the authors say.”

Under Trump, 26% of Climate Change References Have Vanished From .Gov Sites (Mili)

The author writes, “The Trump administration has undermined the fight against climate change by suffocating facts and science on government websites, according to a federal watchdog group that monitors thousands of government pages for changes.”

Artists Withdraw From Whitney Biennial Over Board Member’s Ties to Tear Gas (Chris)

The author writes, “Since March, there have been protests at the museum and calls from artists and scholars for the museum to remove the trustee, Warren B. Kanders, who owns a company that distributes law-enforcement equipment, the Safariland Group. Mr. Kanders has vigorously defended the company. One artist selected for the Biennial declined to participate before the exhibit opened because of Mr. Kanders’s business. Dozens of others called for Mr. Kanders to resign, even as they took part.”

Matt Walsh Argues for a $0 Minimum Wage After Negative McDonald’s Experience (Chris)

From Right Wing Watch:The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh argued on a podcast that the minimum wage should be placed at zero dollars per hour and argued that some people do work that is not worth a living wage. Walsh, who earlier this year argued that 12-year-old rape victims should be forced to have children, streamed a podcast with The Daily Wire on Friday in which he argued that because it is feasible not to work, the minimum wage should not exist in the United States.”

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