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The author writes, “Only about 16% of shoppers are planning to visit stores in-person this Black Friday. Instead, most shoppers are planning to go online to score deals on their holiday gifts. But while online shopping helps you skip the crowds at the mall, it can be a cybersecurity minefield.” Photo credit: Free Stock Photos / Wikimedia

Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections ; Giuliani Made a Compelling Argument — for His Own Disbarment ; and More Picks 11/27

Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies (Gerry)

The author writes, “Six days after President Donald Trump lost his bid for reelection, the U.S. Department of Agriculture notified food safety groups that it was proposing a regulatory change to speed up chicken factory processing lines, a change that would allow companies to sell more birds. An earlier USDA effort had broken down on concerns that it could lead to more worker injuries and make it harder to stop germs like salmonella. Ordinarily, a change like this would take about two years to go through the cumbersome legal process of making new federal regulations. But the timing has alarmed food and worker safety advocates, who suspect the Trump administration wants to rush through this rule in its waning days.”

Rudy Giuliani Went to Court and Made a Compelling Argument — for His Own Disbarment (Reader Steve)

From the Nation: “If Trump really thought there was a case to be made for his allegations, he would immediately fire Giuliani. … In state after state, dozens of legal challenges mounted by Giuliani and his team have been rejected on their merits — and with judges calling out the absurdity and irresponsibility of the attempted arguments. Giuliani’s advocacy on behalf of Trump has been one long exercise in malpractice with malicious intent. And US Representative Bill Pascrell …  has had enough. In letters to legal bar authorities in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania, the congressman has sought the disbarment of Giuliani and 22 other lawyers representing Trump’s attempt to overturn election results.”

The Unique Problems Facing Native American Youths in the Criminal Justice System (Dana)

The author writes, “Generations of historical trauma and increased exposure to violence make young Native Americans more vulnerable to the complicated, often contradictory clutches of the juvenile justice system, legal experts say. Once in the justice system, Native children become lost in a jurisdictional web, a dysfunctional state system and a federal system that has no proper place for them. … Unlike other children, Native American children can be tried and sentenced in tribal, state, or federal justice systems. Once they make contact with the justice system, Native youths face unique complications that many don’t understand.”

COVID Survivor Thanks All 116 Members of Manhattan Hospital Team That Saved His Life (Russ)

From the New York Daily News: “There’s deep and abiding gratitude. And there’s COVID-19 survivor Jeff Gerson, who took his thanks to another level. Gerson arrived March 18 at the NYU Langone Tisch Hospital in Manhattan with a 103 degree fever, an uncontrollable cough and a bad prognosis. The coronavirus casualty went on a ventilator the next day, waking up a month later with no memory of his miraculous recovery or the dozens of frontline workers who saved his life. That was soon to change. When the 44-year-old patient returned home May 2, he felt a gnawing need to thank them all — a total of 116 doctors, nurses, therapists and other anonymous medical heroes of the pandemic. … And then, as Thanksgiving neared, he sent them all a note of deep appreciation.”

Sainsbury’s Forced to Respond to Racist Comments on Its Christmas Advert (Sue)

The author writes, “Earlier this week, [the UK’s] Sainsbury’s was forced to release a statement following a slew of disgusting, racist comments on its Christmas advert, Gravy Song. … It focuses on the story of a Black family hoping they’ll be able to spend Christmas Day together. As old family photos and home movies are shown on screen, the daughter is heard speaking on the phone to her dad about being desperate to come home and have her mum’s roast potatoes and his signature gravy. But tragically, the heart-warming advert has been targeted with racist comments on Twitter and YouTube, with many saying they don’t feel represented by the advert, and that they’ll be boycotting the supermarket and shopping elsewhere from now on.”

Crew Discovers Mysterious Monolith From Air in Remote Utah Wilderness (Dana)

The author writes, “The Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter was assisting Utah Division of Wildlife Resource officers counting bighorn sheep when the crew spotted something mysterious from above. … The crew circled back and landed the helicopter to take a closer look. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Tucked in a red rock cove was a shiny metal monolith protruding from the ground.”


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