The Censorship Business

You may have heard how the revolutions across the Middle East were spurred by Facebook and Twitter. You probably also know that the governments blocked these websites to counter the protestors. But you probably didn’t know that the technology used to censor these sites comes from US based company McAfee. Read more about it here.

US Still Segregated

In this slide show, the new Census numbers provide “a sobering reminder” of what “post-racial” America really looks like.

Don’t Shoot (Your Camera) !

A crop of proposed state laws forbidding photography on factory farms prompts questions about our fundamental rights and the need for more transparency. Read more here.

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No Cars Allowed

Imagine Los Angeles or New York City without the horrors of traffic, suffocating smog and noise of screeching brakes. The EU is proposing to make this a reality by 2050, banning the use of all motor vehicles within its cities. Read more here.

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