Controversial views place you in, well, controversy.

See below…:

“Rand Paul has now decided he wants to be a liberal Democrat — undercut necessary intelligence collection, weaken the police officers and our intelligence services.” – Bill Kristol

“[A]n aide might want to remind Senator Paul which party’s nomination he is seeking” – WSJ Editorial Board

“A vote for Rand Paul is a vote for Obama’s third term.” – George W. Bush aide Dana Perino

“I think Rand Paul should be a lead contender for the Democratic nomination for president.” – Rep. (R) Peter King

You can’t claim that your party created ISIS, buck the Patriot Act, try to defund the NSA, and oppose drones without facing some backlash.

Now where (or with whom) does Rand stand ?

Source: ‘Rand Paul Should Just Run as a Democrat’: The New GOP Talking Point | Mediaite


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