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5 responses to “The Naked Truth About Anti-Vaxxers”

  1. Tubularsock says:

    Excellent and funny and like all good humor if you flipped to cover the “vaccine” cult you could pull off the same brilliant humor.

  2. David Mantik says:

    Embarrassingly bigoted! I herewith withdraw my support for this site.

    • Lew Welge says:

      Experimental mRNA Gene therapy zealots propound such great faith in Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, Big Pharma, and the #NewWorldOrders’ #PowersThatBe’s bullhorn Big Media which cheers on the alLIEd government mandates. Their faith/trust/CONNEDfidence is based upon what we’re told is “the Science” (sic). But “science” is a methodology, not a list of purported “facts,” however many countless times “the numbers” are displayed; like the numbing nightly “Body Counts” SHOWn during the tragedy that was Vietnam. So, once again, as with the “Lone Gunman” and “19 Arab Hijacker” myths, the “Official LI(n)ES” are shibboleths.

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