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“Biden’s Betrayal of Afghans Will Live in Infamy.” That isn’t a line from Lindsey Graham, but a headline from The Atlantic. What about the infamy of not accepting the Taliban’s surrender in 2001 before all the death and destruction?


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Nelson Turner
1 month ago

In 2001 Bush was President. But I think it would have better if we accepted the offer. Ask Bush why we didn’t. I must confess I supported his decision to invade.

1 month ago

The analogy is incorrect. What really happened is the surgeon used a rusty steak knife instead of a scalpel and cut 3 times instead of planning out the operation. The patient had already paid for the surgery upfront and both the hospital and the insurance company assured the patient that the surgery would be done right, The surgeon only went back in and corrected the problem not out of professionalism or moral obligation to previous assurances – but because they realized that there were people observing the surgery from the observation window.

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