Ted Rall, cartoon
Photo credit: Ted Rall for WhoWhatWhy
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1 year ago

The (leftist) media tells you what to think since they know that you’ve been convinced that they’re not adults and need a BIG GOVERNMENT “daddy” to protect/save them.

1 year ago

Ever since the league of women voters rejected the format of “painless irrelevant questions only” scripted silliness we see burgeoning stupidity, what a sham our elections have become. No wonder, our democracy is BOUGHT to by Citizens United and those who could care less about anything except their own profit. Calling it a swamp does serious injustice to the real swamps, that provide for life, our DC swamp is an infestation of criminals, Bloods and Krips more accurately describe the spoils remaining. Most think the mafia sort of went away but they actually occupy the edifices of government.

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