Ted Rall, cartoon
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  • Ted Rall is an American columnist, syndicated editorial cartoonist, and author. His most recent book is "The Stringer," a graphic novel in which journalism meets "Breaking Bad."

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Steve Ross

Living in NYC and Boston, I hear about Bernie all the time. But to be in the national news consistently, you have to make, er, news. Bernie has drawn good crowds and raised good sums. But his message is… so… 2016.

That’s better than Biden, whose message is … so… 1980.

But over the past month, as usual, Trump’s troubles and nonsensical pronouncements dominate the news cycle. Democrats don’t get much attention. Why single out Bernie for being ignored? Well, there is the bizarre NYT pronouncement that Democrats are looking… for … someone… else…. with 18 candidates still in the ring. Hunter Biden perhaps?

John Kesich

— my message to info@berniesanders.com

Flipping a page from Donald Trump, suppose Biden shot and killed Warren during a debate and the super delegates anointed him as the nominee regardless, would you still endorse him and refuse to run third party?
In other words, just what would it take for you to stop pimping for the bad cop in our bad cop / worse cop scam?’
— their reply
‘This time, we know that Bernie has the best chance to win the Democratic nomination, bar none. He has committed to running in their primary.’

We’re most certainly watching a re-run, the only question is, will it be of 2016 or 2008? Does the deep state think it can get away with 4 more years of Trump? If so, they’ll dial up the election fraud (like Interstate Crosscheck) and Donny Tiny Hands will once again “win” the electoral vote. If not, we’ll get Hopey Changey II – whether that would be Sanders or Gabbard, I can’t guess. I expect the die will be cast at the Democratic convention. My hunch is that Gabbard will be joining Sanders in a “Just kidding, I’m with her(him).” speech.