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Matt Harvey

Village Voice

The Village Voice’s Death by a Thousand Cuts

Reading Time: 3 minutes When word broke late Tuesday that the Village Voice would end its six-decade print run, it provoked dutiful hand-wringing on social media by fans of the counterculture icon. At the same time, the emotional power of the elegies was strained by a recognition that sadness at the paper’s end was motivated not by excitement over Read More

J. Edgar Hoover

Comey Hints at J Edgar Hoover’s Blackmailing of Political Leaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes Comparing himself to murdered 12th Century Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket notwithstanding, fired FBI chief James Comey has been mostly circumspect in responding to  Senate Committee inquiries about President Donald Trump and Russia. But he did make one assertion Thursday that jolted some historically-minded viewers to the edge of their seats. It was a comment Read More