Jeff Schechtman

Donald Trump, Hassan Rouhani

The Iran Nuclear Deal and the View From Tehran

Want to understand the consequences of pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal? What it means for the US, Iran, and rest of the world? Listen to this conversation with Iran scholar and former Iranian ambassador and government official Seyed Hossein Mousavian.

Vladimir Putin. Bill Browder

Putin’s Indecent Proposal

Bill Browder talks about being on the top of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most wanted list, his personal safety, and his shock at President Donald Trump’s reaction to Putin’s Helsinki proposal.

When a Virus Hops on a Plane

The next global pandemic is not going to be stopped by a wall, trade barriers, or a travel ban. A look at what has worked and what hasn’t as we face a new Ebola outbreak in Africa.


Oligarchy Is as Dangerous as the Soviets

Could extreme income inequality destroy the very fabric of democracy? The US has been here before — in fact, the vast divide between the super wealthy and everyone else might be a reoccurring symptom of flaws in the original constitutional system.