Russ Baker on Trump’s Troubling Call to Renew Surveillance Tool

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Russ Baker breaks down FISA Section 702 and what its permanent reauthorization could mean for everyday U.S. citizens. Photo credit: RT Producers/Youtube
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The Trump administration is calling for the prompt reauthorization of a controversial part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Section 702 permits eavesdropping on high-value targets, including those designated as suspected terrorists, cyber actors, and others. FISA has been extended again and again, and, despite repeated assurances of safeguards, numerous examples of excesses and potential violations of Americans’ privacy have come to light.

WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker explains the background to the administration’s decision — and why it will be viewed as so problematic.

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One response to “Russ Baker on Trump’s Troubling Call to Renew Surveillance Tool”

  1. punkyboy says:

    As many of my friends and family tell me, “I don’t do anything wrong, so I don’t worry about government surveillance.” I tell them, “The government has never specifically defined ‘terrorist,’ so how do you know you are innocent? What news sites do you visit online; what organizations or candidates do you donate money to; what petitions do you sign; what books and movies do you order from Amazon and Netflix, what magazines and newspapers; what bumper stickers are on your car; what/who do you ‘like’ on Facebook?” They think I’m paranoid; I think they are clueless.