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Getting Serious on Voter Suppression

Comedians Weigh in on Why Some Politicians Don’t Want You to Vote

John Oliver citing a study that concludes between 2000 to 2014 there were 31 potential cases of voter impersonation in the entire US out of over a billion votes cast. Photo credit: Last Week Tonight / YouTube
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There is no evidence that in-person voter fraud is a problem anywhere in the country. Still, under the guise of protecting democracy from this non-existent threat, state legislatures throughout the nation are enacting stringent ID requirements. In the process, they have disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of eligible voters.

If the true motives for these voter suppression efforts weren’t so sinister, the absurdity of voter ID requirements would almost be funny. And that is why it might just take a comedian like John Oliver to show us how ridiculous these laws — and the people proposing them — truly are.

Watch a clip from his HBO show, as well as two other videos on voter suppression, below.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from John Oliver (Steve Jennings for TechCrunch / Wikimedia – CC BY 2.0), Lewis Black (Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy / Wikimedia) and Rev. William Barber (Josh Rushing / Flickr – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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7 responses to “Getting Serious on Voter Suppression”

  1. Avatar Mackenzie says:

    I’d like to see a follow-up article in light of the Project Veritas videos regarding voter fraud. To be honest, I was a little surprised that WhoWhatWhy used a comedian as a source of serious news to begin with.

  2. Avatar Mackenzie says:

    John Oliver points out that there is an area where the office to get ID is only open on the 5th Wednesday of the month (which only occurs like 4-5x per year). Why not focus on improving that situation (eg make that office open a lot more often)? Instead he acts like there’s no way it can possibly be improved.

    We need ID to drive, to fly and to re-enter the country. It is certainly NOT unreasonable to request ID to vote.

    • Avatar gustave courbet says:

      As John explains in the video, the poor are often poorly served by state offices, don’t drive and certainly don’t travel internationally. If you’ve never lived below the poverty line or gotten to know people who do, you may be unaware that there are many people who don’t have cars, bank accounts, and other things the middle class takes for granted. Nor can they afford the cost of going out of their way, or take time off from work or child-care to get an ID.

      If you’re advocating a program that will allow the poor to get IDs without inconvenience or cost, and only AFTER this has been accomplished, requiring IDs to vote (though voter fraud is not a statistically significant problem, especially when compared to gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, and election fraud) then that seems a reasonable solution. The problem is that the voter ID campaing is a partisan push to disenfranchise poor voters, who generally vote Democrat. This is another manifestation of class-war, in which the most vulnerable in society are being relieved of the civic abilities to have imput on government. If you believe in democracy, then such disenfranchisement should be orders of magnitude more galling than the myth of voter fraud.

  3. Avatar David S says:

    When the two-party oligarchy controls who ends up on the ballot (though internal suppression of “radical” candidates and ballot access laws that keep 3rd parties off the ballot), it is of little concern who votes and who doesn’t. In the presidential race, the oligarchy, on behalf of the globalists that control them, ensure the selection of both candidates (typically – Trump is a rare aberration) thus ensuring a win for the elite, regardless of who actually wins. One need only look at the history of freedom, liberty, small government, sound money, and sensible foreign policy to see that they have ALL suffered under EVERY president over the past 100+ years at least. As they say, you don’t have to worry about the answers if you ask the right questions.

  4. Avatar MArk says:

    Voter suppression, my ***!
    I.Ds have to be required to keep the lawless from voting multiple times and to keep both parties from cheating the vote.

    • Avatar gustave courbet says:

      Hi Mark, I recommend checking out journalist Greg Palast’s exhaustive work on the subjects of the statistical myth of multiple-voter fraud, and the real (and very well-documented) story of massive voter disenfranchisement and election fraud.

  5. Avatar Franklin Beenz says:

    This is a completely one-sided, therefore biased article. Since you don’t allow links, I cannot post a video of the NY State election commissioner speaking about the reality of voter fraud en masse, ID’s, etc.

    • Avatar gustave courbet says:

      Hi Franklin, as I mentioned to another poster, you might find informative the work of journalist Greg Palast, who’s exhaustive work on American election fraud (and the over-hyped myth of voter fraud) is second to none. You can find his work at his website, and he has several books that deal in part with election fraud. His work doesn’t deal in speculation, but has the hard facts to back up his points. Cheers.

  6. Avatar rupright says:

    If you are too dumb to provide identification then you should be considered too dumb to vote. However Democrats seem to have zero problem trying to extend the dumb vote.