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An Innovative Approach to a Social Housing Problem

Urbanized, Alejandro Aravena
Alejandro Aravena explains his approach to urban housing.  Photo credit: Dezeen / YouTube
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Moved to action as a result of the favelas and slums of South America, Chilean Alejandro Aravena — winner of the 2016 Pritzker, the Nobel Prize in architecture — offers an unusual solution to an urban challenge.

As populations rise and cities continue to grow across the world, the need for urban housing becomes more and more critical. People often live in dire, destitute conditions as cities grow, and there is only so much that government can provide. Because there is no infrastructure for these families to take advantage of, children grow up with next to no opportunities to escape poverty.

“Much more important than an extra square meter of house was a better located square meter of land, which tends to be expensive,” Aravena says, emphasizing that location should be paramount for access to jobs and schools, while still acknowledging spending limitations.

In this short video, Alejandro Aravena explains his unusual and clever way to try to solve these economic impediments and give families a chance.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Urbanized (Dezeen / YouTube)

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One response to “An Innovative Approach to a Social Housing Problem”

  1. Avatar MrLiberty says:

    Cost and valuation can ONLY come properly in a truly free market. Government manipulation of interest rates, restrictions on property ownership, favoritism to friends, etc. all massively distort everything in society including land values and housing prices. What this man is offering is just another one-size-fits-all government funded (ie – theft) “solution” to a problem. Cities are what cities are not simply because the centers of commerce prompted the coalescence of people naturally into a given location, but more importantly the dictates of the central government authority, zoning regulations, travel restrictions, property regulations, etc. As “innovative” as these designs might be (and they most certainly are a massive improvement over the slum plywood, etc. housing alternatives), they fall into the same trap as all government “solutions.” They make politicians happy, make supporters of government happy, and ultimately enslave the people who live there within the boundaries of government “favor” that ultimately dictate their future existence in these residences. The solution to all problems begins with the ability of people to own their own bodies, own their own property, and dispose of it as they see fit, not the government or anyone else. Government is the enemy of freedom and liberty and prosperity. Looking to them to be part of any “solution” only dooms that solution ultimately to failure or servitude to the government whim.