Comey Calls Decryption Debate ‘The Hardest Question in Government’

U.S. Representative Adam Schiff , FBI Director James Comey
U.S. Representative Adam Schiff and FBI  Director James Comey Photo credit: CSPAN / YouTube
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Apple and the FBI squared off on Tuesday over the issue of iPhone encryption when the Bureau’s Director James Comey and the company’s General Sewell appeared in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

Just last week, Comey told Congress that the encryption debate is the most difficult question he has encountered in government. Comey assured lawmakers that he does not want the Bureau to be involved in “the policy-making business.”

Instead, he wants the FBI to “explain to folks what the costs are” of not allowing law enforcement access to encrypted communications.

Comey says that he believes that the key to resolving the impasse between privacy and security will be negotiation.

That remains to be seen but it certainly makes this video one to remember as the battle lines are drawn between the government and tech companies.

Related front page panorama photo credit: House Intelligence hearing on World Wide Threats CSPAN

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2 responses to “Comey Calls Decryption Debate ‘The Hardest Question in Government’”

  1. Jeff Grotke says:

    The answer is simple, the government can *** off. They have no right to mine data. Their efforts, if successful, would only destroy the security that Apple has created for everybody. Then, terrorists would stop using the phone. And for what? To chase down leads from these two dead clowns…if the Government had been competent they would have spotted them in the first place. But they aren’t. And further, if they had any notion of spycraft, they would break the code without revealing that it was broken. As with the German codes in WWII, we kept it a secret when we broke the Enigma code. That is how you catch people, not filing court documents and making a huge public spectacle just so you can find out where these San Bernardino clowns intended to shoot next. I grew up in San Bernardino. I don’t care if they had other plans.

  2. Clark says:

    “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror,”
    Trevor Aaronson chronicles

    “The organization responsible for more terrorist plots over the last decade than any other is the FBI.”

    “Through elaborate and expensive sting operations, involving informants and undercover agents posing as terrorists, the FBI has arrested and the Justice dept. has prosecuted dozens of men government officials say posed direct – but by no means credible or immediate – threats to the United States.”

    ‘Terrorists R us’ defines US policy. Expect more false flag “terrorist” plots to follow Paris killings – in European countries, America, Israel, elsewhere. Expect Washington to be centrally involved, and complicit with rogue partners.
    At what this writer calls the most perilous time in world history, US hegemonic plans may destroy planetary life. With lunatics infesting Washington, European capitals, and Israel, the unthinkable is made possible.