Graphic Video Reveals Severe Mistreatment of Chickens

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WhoWhatWhy introduction by Lisette Cheresson

Fried. Sauteed. Baked. These are the words typically used to describe chickens raised for mass consumption—not Clubbed, Kicked, and Thrown. But a recent video released by the animal advocacy nonprofit Mercy for Animals shows workers at a Tyson Foods contract farm subjecting the chickens they’re raising to horrific conditions that would make even a Guantanamo guard blanch.

Some birds were left to die without food or water; others suffered debilitating injuries while in transit. Still others were genetically engineered to grow in ways that their bodies couldn’t sustain—sometimes with breasts up to eight times the normal weight, causing heart attacks and lung failure. The fact that hundreds of thousands were crammed into dark, dirty cages choking on ammonia fumes seems almost benign when compared with the rest of the treatment.

Does Tyson Foods have a responsibility to ensure that its chickens are raised under humane conditions? And should contract farms meet certain standards before major food corporations cut deals with them?

(For more on problems with the chicken supply, be sure to see this WhoWhatWhy article on abhorrent practices designed to breed chickens lightning quick.)



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6 responses to “Graphic Video Reveals Severe Mistreatment of Chickens”

  1. From Our Facebook Page says:

    (Comment by reader Pamela Widmer) Of course this is about the animals!! Why should animals and birds spend their short life in pain and fear? I doubt they know they are going to die – but they do know they are in pain! We need to respect all living creatures and make sure the food we eat is humanely raised.

  2. amuncat says:

    Not only this video, have you ever seen the chickens stacked one on top of the other in crowded crates on the highway? They are ALL just sitting there, staring off into space, no movement!!! I decided that I won’t be a part of this!!!

  3. Kevin says:

    I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch this video. I don’t want to watch cruelty to animals. Yet hypocritically I am a carnivore so I have to recognize that I’m supporting this crap. Several thoughts come to mind:

    1) A humane source of meat where animals are treated well (until being killed!) It would probably cost more but I would absolutely be willing to pay. And anyone who wasn’t willing to pay would have to come to grips w/ the fact that they support the equivalent of animal auschwitz. Even those willing to pay would have to come to grips that they are responsible for the deaths of animals (albeit a more humane death).

    2) Becoming a vegetarian. It would certainly be much more humane to animals. However, we also have to recognize that we’re part of the animal kingdom and animals eat other animals. Taken to an extreme degree, would we want to cordon off areas to prevent carnivorous animals (e.g. lions) from eating other animals? Or would the idea be to leave other animals alone and just control our own (and our own species’) behavior? Would this extend to rodents and bugs as well btw?

    3) Are vegetables considered living things as well? I feel like they might be in a sense considering that they grow and require stuff to sustain their growth (e.g. sun, water). It seems (to me) like there’s probably no pain for a piece of grass being ripped out of the ground so it doesn’t feel anywhere near as morally evil as killing a chicken. But is the amount of suffering the big question? I mean, it would be possible to anesthetize a chicken before killing it. Would that make it okay to kill it? I ask rhetorically.

    Another thing is the level of the thing being killed (e.g. a “higher order” thing like a chicken as opposed to a “lower order” thing like a blade of grass or an ant or a gnat). I watched a documentary about ants and they’re truly fascinating creatures. Below is a video that is part of a larger documentary (that I can’t find on YouTube at the moment). Check out the intricate tunnels ants build:

    It makes the mind spin thinking about this type of stuff but we can’t ignore the evil being carried out to put food on our plates. We are far too disconnected from what we eat and it’s a terrible thing.

    • amuncat says:

      ..and you are a vegetarian by nature! Look at your teeth, all animal’s teeth were designed for the diet they are to consume. Humans are flat, that’s for veggies, grains and fruits. Don’t say we have incisors, they in no way compare to a REAL meat eaters. We couldn’t tear raw flesh from bone and eat it!!! We have to cook it in order to eat and digest it! Not only that, what’s the first thing you do when you have eaten a steak? Go to sleep! Reason: ALL of your digestive juices and energy have to go to digesting this even though you have cooked it! Not for us!!!

      To those of you considering a plant based diet, you will notice that you sleep less. That’s because all of your energies have been put into digesting the meat that you have always eaten. I only sleep 4.5 hrs a day and have more energy than most! Haven’t eaten meat in over 50 yrs!!!
      P.S., No colds, flu, etc., ever!

  4. snoopy squeaks says:

    Tyson has a bad reputation, but more than likely other companies are similarly bad. As far as eggs go, you can get your eggs from companies that have their seal of humanely raised chickens, or get them from local farms. For meat, I believe the organic raised chickens might be worth looking into.

  5. oh_look says:

    Humanity was not meant to become so arrogant as to think that other creatures don’t matter.