WhoWhatWhy Media Extras: Russ Baker’s Jeb Bush Analysis

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4 responses to “WhoWhatWhy Media Extras: Russ Baker’s Jeb Bush Analysis”

  1. wwy says:

    Please make these audio segments downloadable instead of streaming-only.

  2. FiuToYou says:

    Every time I listen to Russ Baker, (even reading his work), I come away going; “God I wish this man would be the President of the US of A”. Then I’d feel bad about him going thru that journey, he’d have to take to get there. And then I selfishly think I’d prefer he stays and does exactly what he does. Be a great journalist. Too bad there’s not three of him. Great man. For me the ‘Mark Twain’ of this era. A very brave man!

  3. Inshort says:

    On the issue of being able to speak Spanish, could it have something to do with the Bush NWO aspiration and the hope, in the making, if it hasn’t happened already, to unite Canada, the US and Mexico in a union of the Americas comparable to the European Union? Both of these candidates, Clinton and Jeb!, are NWO proponents, both are for secret trade agreements which are being hatched in the service of the NWO. What this means is that these two are ultimately for destruction of this nation’s national sovereignty. To that end, they are both traitors to the US Constitution. I do hope some enterprising journalist will ask them why their destination shouldn’t be prison as opposed to the White House.

  4. Burnis Tuck says:

    Nice discussion of what we’re up against with Jeb. Hard to know at this point what his chances are, especially against Hillary. I loved your comment, Russ, that if Jeb and Hillary debate, then “values” are off the table since these two dynasties have none! I can’t wait for the debates when Bernie Sanders will simply tear the stuffing out of both of them as well as any other lightweights that make it to the debates. I think the conventional wisdom about where this election is headed is about to be up-ended.