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Mitt Romney’s Coup

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For the fourth consecutive year, Mitt Romney is hosting a summit of  GOP political figures, money men, and right-leaning theorists. Some of these bigwigs include Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Lindsey Graham. While many Romney voters feel the country made a big mistake in 2012 by re-electing Barack Obama and not listening to “foreign-policy prophet” Romney, the former Massachusetts governor broke hearts by saying running in 2016 “just didn’t feel right.”

Yet Romney has made sure that he is keeping himself in the spotlight. From a boxing match, numerous Fox News appearances, to speeches about the bad shape the U.S. is currently in.

All the press coming out of Camp Romney has led Brent Budowsky at The Hill to speculate that Romney is planning a ‘nomination coup’:

Readers of my columns know that within hours of Romney removing himself as a contender for the 2016 nomination, I warned that his withdrawal could well be part of a brilliantly clever plan for him to stay above the fray, let Republican candidates beat each other up and be raked over the coals by the media during the primary season, and then emerge as a consensus compromise nominee of the party.

OK. My interest is has been piqued:

“It just so happens that if political events were to take certain turns, and the 2012 GOP nominee for president makes a surprise bid for the 2016 nomination, or more likely if a divided and gridlocked GOP turns to Romney as a compromise candidate and statesman, the participants in the Romney summit could raise a billion dollars overnight to support another Romney presidential candidacy, and the political organizers attending the event could organize a full-blown presidential campaign within days, if not hours!”

So is Romney really planning a ‘coup’ in 2016? The answer is: ‘definitely maybe’.

Source: Romney hosting GOP summit, planning nomination coup? | TheHill

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  3. Avatar A J MacDonald Jr says:

    Mitt Romney Policy Speech in Jerusalem via @YouTube

  4. Avatar francesca9 says:

    i hope so, he is the only candidate in decades i felt right about voting for, where is wasn’t a choice between the lesser of two evils.

    • Avatar PeazantBoy says:

      yes, he just has such an air of sincerity about him.

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      I take it that’s sarcasm.

    • Avatar PeazantBoy says:

      robotic automatons are people my friend

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      Are you serious? Because Mitt sure is…he’s serious about going to war, because wars make him and his cronies lots of money. He’s serious about liking to fire people. He’s serious about stashing his ill-gotten gains in the Caymans and other offshore accounts, and he’s serious about believing corporations are people. He also seriously believes it’s his “turn”. Wake up, francesca.

    • i like the part about firing people, the irs, the va, the fda could all use a lot of firing! i am sure he would have a strategy for ISIS and bring our military back up to grade and stop this court martialing of our military for praying and for violating ridiculous rules of engagement even to save our own troops. i don’t see that his gains are ill gotten, he has worked to earn them not stolen them. it is not his turn, from what i see it is the turn promised Hillary to back Obama the last six years and lie for him. So yes I am serious! I would trust him to handle amnesty and secure the border.

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      Then you’re obviously lacking an understanding of how our economy works, the companies that Romney destroyed, or how he made his fortune off other peoples’ misery. I wouldn’t trust him to hold my $10 for a movie.

  5. Avatar morty4808 says:

    Dude, GO AWAY. Narcissistic prick .

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      Oh, they’re not stupid, but the people who would vote for either of them ARE stupid.