WHO On the Air: We Aren’t Getting Real News

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123Are we getting real news in our everyday lives?

That’s the question the hostesses of the Cafecito Break podcast posed to WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker during the Aug. 11, 2014, show.

In the hour-long interview with Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten, Russ lays out why we aren’t getting real news. Instead, we’re getting a manipulated form designed to protect vested corporate and government interests.

With his hallmark tour of today’s headlines, Russ analyzes how news coverage of events from the Boston Bombing to MH-17 to Boko Haram demonstrates what we’re not being told, and why it’s happening.

If you want to be a more empowered news consumer, tune in for Russ Baker’s guide to sifting for the truth:

Are We Getting Real News w/ Investigative Journalist, Russ Baker, of WhoWhatWhy on Cafecito Break by Whowhatwhy on Mixcloud

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14 responses to “WHO On the Air: We Aren’t Getting Real News”

  1. Bill Giltner says:

    Learn the truth about climate change http://climateconference.heartland.org/s-fred-singer/

  2. tomherzog says:

    To the woman doing the interview of Mr. Baker: Please! The term is “heartrending”, not heart wrenching.

    A public journalist/interviewer would benefit from a bit more clarity.

  3. Man on the street says:

    To Russ Baker,
    I understand the WHO BENEFIT question? But, I would like a better understanding. So, if oil companies lobby our government to protect oil sources in the ME? Do we get special deals, or priority when we buy our oil? If so; 1- how is there such a thing as the market price for crude oil, if the biggest consumer is exempted from paying that price? 2- even if we get special discount as a pay back for our military protection, who gets that discount, and our oil companies are mostly multi-national?

    • lewis says:

      We benefit by oil being sold for American dollars It’s as if all oil is exported from America and allows us to print and spend as much as needed for the bread and circus’… And of course the war machine to enforce oil being denominated in dollars. Go USA!

  4. Kevin says:

    Love your interviews Russ but I have to say that I still question global warming. It just seems too perfect for TPTB to control the population with taxes and regulations on something that seems extremely difficult to prove (which allows TPTB to do say whatever they want).

    • EmreS says:

      Scientists have been talking about it for decades. (Why did you use an obscure abbreviation?)

    • kevin says:

      Is “TPTB” obscure? I apologize if so. It stands for “The Powers That Be” (for those who don’t know).

      As for scientists talking about it for decades, I don’t necessarily think that gives it much more weight. Again, the whole thing could potentially be a conspiracy to push the world along to world government. After all, an anti-global warming strategy can only be successful if every country participates! And again, think of the taxes that could be collected (carbon taxes – that, once imposed, can eventually go way up- for every citizen on the planet).

      Btw, recently there was talk of a “pause” in warming (and we have been having some record cold temps the past year). It just feels like they make this stuff up as they go along.

      I do want to state that I’m *not* anti-environmentalism btw. I just think this feels like an area that can be manipulated by the ruling elite to create a crisis that they benefit from.

    • EmreS says:

      Scientists have also been talking about decadal oscillations in the temperature. None of this is new, and the world government theory is plain nonsense.

    • kevin says:

      If you get a chance watch this and let me know what you think.


      Also, I think world government theory is not nonsense. Look at the Euro currency and how “technocrats” are suddenly ruling countries due to debts.

    • EmreS says:

      He doesn’t know anything about climatology, and the world government thing IS nonsense. How are they going to foist it on China again? As if they’d share leadership with the West!

  5. joanofark06 says:

    I don’t even watch tv, but I like to see what’s going on with fox news every once in a while, and lately watch it more to see what’s going on with the middle east, and how ebola is doing, sad as that situation is. But I had to stop and keep the tv off, after one announcer says this ferguson situation was going on for two weeks now, and they kept talking on and on and on about it! I got so mad….and then some high profile lawyer person was going over there….omg…that was enough! WTF!! This story about a unarmed guy getting killed by a cop! This happens ALL the time! And they give 5 minutes to the beheading an american journilist, and the golf game that the president went to right after, or 5 mins to ebola, or 5 mins to the war with Israel and Palestine, It’s on and on and on about the shooting and protests….for two weeks?? This is World News?? Why can’t this be on the local news in that state?? I’m so outraged at Fox News!

  6. soularddave says:

    There seems to be a feeling that many news stories are contrived and produced in such a way as to keep eyes on the TV so people get irradiated by the sponsors’ messages. We sit at the edge of our seats and breathlessly wait for a new detail to emerge.During coverage of the JFK incident, commercials were suspended. No so anymore, as we watch for new details in the Ferguson thing playing out just a few miles from my home.

    Since its close, and a fairly tame series of events, I drove up there. I noticed something I’ll pass along, and that is that the scene looks a lot like a movie set that one can drive right through. I realized that TV was playing the exciting clips over and over and in reality, from hour to hour, NOTHING was really happening in Ferguson. People were NOT amassed and ready to play their parts. A few were cleaning up their community, and a few were going about their lives (getting gas, getting coffee, doing their laundry, etc), and many were driving through to see the boardups, to look for “principal actors”, and some were just there to see and be seen. That was just the moment I was there, and it wasn’t night time. To watch it on TV, though, you would expect to see crowds of people. There wasn’t gatherings of people on the street.

    • russbaker says:

      Doesnt really mean anything, though. That’s the danger of relying on our own anecdotal experiences of a moment to represent a larger reality. Most places with civil unrest dont experience it 24 hours a day.