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The Post-Election Project, Post the Election

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“Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life” was corny when it was first coined, but it’s true enough. It’s certainly true on the day after Barack Obama was re-elected.

Here at WhoWhatWhy, we’ve got our work cut out for us. Via our ongoing Kickstarter funding campaign, we’ve been raising funds so we can launch an aggressive post-election reporting agenda—to probe, uncover and explain what goes on in power centers when the media turns its attention elsewhere.

We know you are eager to see our Post-Election Project underway. With the votes in, we’re ready to roll out our initiative—which will be “interactive” in the best sense of the word. We’ll be soliciting your tips and story ideas, crowd-sourcing developments that are on your radar but not that of the media or the public at large. We are currently, as promised, recruiting additional on-the-ground reporting personnel, and planning podcasts and videocasts. You’ll see the results soon.

Now, we have a request for you. Thanks to all who have donated via Kickstarter so far, and especially to an extremely generous anonymous donor who matched all pledges received through midnight yesterday, we are on the cusp of achieving our target figure of $50,000. But we don’t have to stop there. We still have 16 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign.

Some Kickstarter-funded projects go way over goal. And the further we go over $50,000, well, the more reporting we can do for you.

So let’s start shining the light of fearless, non-partisan investigation and analysis on the appointments, favors, deals and horse-trading that begin the moment the election is over. Join us, will you? Click HERE to get in on the Kickstarter. Let’s kickstart some real accountability.

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4 responses to “The Post-Election Project, Post the Election”

  1. Avatar Kevin says:

    Also, thank you very much to the anonymous donor!

  2. Avatar Kevin says:

    Russ, I’ve seen your “Treason In America” speech where you vowed that if you got enough funding, you would do research into 9/11. Is that something that’s still on the table? I would guess you could probably get plenty of donations for 9/11 research.

    And thank you for all the incredible work you do!

  3. Avatar Jazzman69 says:

    Hi Russ,
    I have pledged on Kickstarter so go regularly to the site to find out how we are doing.I search every category and never find a reference to this project.Other Kickstarter backers never get to consider us.
    If we don’t make the nut ,Indiegogo may be a better site.
    Best Regards,

  4. Avatar Tracy says:

    Although I found your book, “Family of Secrets”, fascinating and the website interesting, I must admit you lost any opportunity for my financial support when you jumped onto the global warming bandwagon- there are so many real issues to educate people about Russ, the serious loss of human rights, the frightening rise in the power of the elite, the ever expanding leviathan state and its war machine- these are real issues Russ! Global warming is a crap issue (sorry but it is), government elites love it, so I for one will have nothing to do with promoting it. If the green lobby is so concerned about the environment, why are they not out protesting the many thousands of tonnes of depleted uranium the US military has left scattered all over north Africa, the middle East and Western Asia? Oh wait, that’s right- they’re too busy telling grandma she cant buy an incandescent light bulb!