Meet the Israeli UnOccupy Movement

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If you thought the Palestinian issue was strictly about Palestinians vs. Israelis, you will be interested to learn about the solidarity between concerned Israelis and Palestinians who are being evicted from their longtime homes in East Jerusalem by the ultra-Orthodox (aided by the Israeli military and police).

This documentary trailer gives you a flavor of what, in many senses, is less a battle between Jews and Arabs than between humanitarians and zealots. It comes from the intriguing nonprofit Just Vision, a collaboration of Israelis, Palestinians and others that offers rarely seen, carefully nuanced perspectives on a seemingly intractable conflict. More info here.

In the full-length documentary, which I saw at a recent screening, the Orthodox young men don’t even bother to argue the moral or legal justness of their cause—they are pugilistic and jubilant in their biblical righteousness. Of course, the same could be said about many Muslim extremists (and Christian ones, to be sure); what’s indisputable is the suffering such extremism causes.


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9 responses to “Meet the Israeli UnOccupy Movement”

  1. Izu Osirus says:


    While checking out DIGG yesterday I found this

  2. Looking around

    I like to browse around the online world, regularly I will just go to Stumble Upon and follow thru

  3. ben Shlomo says:

     My above post was actually my 3rd attempt to post a comment on this thread. My previous comments were not published.

    One does not have to go back to the
    bible to discover the documented ownership right of this property. In
    fact, this property was seized from its documented owners, with
    military force by the Arab Legion, under Jordanian & British
    command in 1948. The family that was evicted was settled in this property by Jordan, an occupying power. The matter has been extensively adjudicated over many years, in a court system that has a strong record of supporting Arab rights. In this case, Arab claims have been found to be without merit. 

    This propaganda piece gives no weight to the rights of property ownership, when that ownership can be documented as Jewish.

     The material the “documentary” presents is misleading and selective. This is in no way “a battle between humanitarians and zealots”, as Russ
    phrases it, but a battle of right and wrong. The rightful ownership of
    this property has been denied for 64 years.

    I find it rather ironic that Russ would post this the same week that the Palestinian Authority sentenced a man to death for selling property to Jews.

    BTW Mr Benway, the “other man” married to “the bride” was the Ottoman Turks. They were divorced in about 15 years from when that was written.

  4. ben Shlomo says:

     I’m really disappointed in you Russ. I’m fairly familiar with your site,
    and have been an irregular visitor for months. I became aware of it after you
    gave a series of great interviews on Dave Emory’s show last year.

    Most of your postings are very interesting, and show a good deal of

    This one however is an exception, that stands out like a sore thumb, as the
    expression goes. It is pure one sided propaganda, and its particularly egregious
    that you refuse to admit any dialog that may show it for the crap that it is. It
    colors my view of your entire web site.

    How are you any better than Fox News?

    • A. Benway says:

      The Rabbis wrote (a coded telegram) : “…bride (Ottoman Palestine) is beautiful, but she is already married to another man…” That was, and is, the focus of what some might call a Semitic civil war. Naturally people take “sides”. But, alas, there are no valid sides. If the difficulties are considered to be a Semitic civil war, then the only solution is to love one another. But war conveys power to a select few – who find satisfaction and profit and power. All common and ordinary. And who, exactly, was it that wrote, “justice, justice, shalt thou pursue”, from which the Sages tell us that not only the end, but also the means must be just? Pax Vobiscum, brother ben Shlomo…

    • Hossein says:

      So Ben Shlomo is saying that Russ should be partial as to
      what he reports, hum…

    • CQ says:

       The only thing I, as an impartial observer, saw in this trailer was a defense of love, truth, life, justice, kindness, tolerance, equality, peace, tranquility. Those moral and spiritual qualities  transcend race, religion, nationality, gender, age, species.

      This film about unity and inclusiveness looks to be just the opposite of divisive and exclusive Fox News. One-sided propaganda? I do not see it. Refusal to admit any dialog? Since when has Russ repressed civilized responses?

      As a descendent of Holocaust Jews who died in concentration camps, I simply do not understand from whence ben Shlomo comes. He is welcome to elaborate.


  5. David Dragon says:

    I believe the Palestinians are taught to hate Jews and to kill Jews is a good thing.  The only thing preventing the Palestinians from commiting genocide is Jewish Self-Defense. Without Jewish Self- Defense , there would be no Israel, no Jews and no fear of mass murder committed by the Palestinians.

  6. A. Benway says:

    The recognition of an essential conflict between zion-ism and Jewish moral tradition – Jewish law, long pre-dates modern Israel, when visiting Rabbis telegraphed in coded language back to Eastern Europe “The bride is beautiful, but she is already married.”  Add the holocaust – and we have resonance, the children of the victims helplessly repeating the crime as ritual. Astonishingly the ritual is playing out within a “family” what’s pretty much the same people. The Israeli people and the Palestinian people are the same Semitic People.   This is the essence of a dangerous and violent tragedy…