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VIDEO: The Execution of Martin Luther King: non-textbook version

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A talk by Dr. William F. Pepper, former Vietnam War journalist, international human rights lawyer and author who personally knew Martin Luther King and represented James Earl Ray based on his conclusion that Ray had been framed. It’s all thoughtful, fascinating, chilling, and worth taking in.

If you are pressed for time and want to go right to Pepper’s unique perspective on Martin Luther King’s death and whether James Earl Ray was involved, start watching around 14:58. There, Pepper talks about King’s decision to mobilize his civil rights movement followers against the Vietnam War, and how this, as part of a plan to build an alliance between African Americans and others against broader injustice, may have sealed King’s fate. Pepper then turns to his personal interactions with Ray, which together with his own inquiries, persuaded him, over the course of a decade, that Ray did not shoot King, and that indeed Ray was not a witting participant in what was clearly a sophisticated, organized effort and cover-up. Full of surprising facts—including about the media’s role in suppressing evidence.

Pepper is author of An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King


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15 responses to “VIDEO: The Execution of Martin Luther King: non-textbook version”

  1. Avatar sfulmer says:

    The manuscript authored by one of Pepper’s star witnesses, Donald G Wilson, and published in 2013, raises some intriguing questions about the scope and layers of the conspiracy, and other perspectives, including some on the effectiveness of Pepper’s legal strategy. Strange that there isn’t much being said about this revealing book, “Evidence Withheld”.

  2. Avatar Guest says:

    William Pepper occasionally appears on Black Op Radio, mainly to update his work with Sirhan x2. The following shows are available at the archives:

    #558, #539, #517

  3. Avatar Don Johnson says:

    Bows to Mr Pepper for his long and amazing work.  

    Can I get some help here?  I heard that the fatal bullet entered Dr King’s head from above (as he stood on the second floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel, btw) and lodged behind his right shoulder blade.  

    But the shooter in Pepper’s reconstruction shot from the bushes.  I think I missed something important.  Were the bushes on a hill?  Thanks in advance for any clarification … 

    • Avatar Guest says:

      Well, clearly, he wasn’t shot from above, unless they had  an invisible helicopter in the sky. Pepper describes the bullet bouncing around quite a bit, during which time it was traveling downwards (at least relative to his body) for part of its trajectory. There is also the fact that King was leaning on the railing just before he was shot, though no one can say for sure whether he stood up straight afterwards or not. The major argument is over whether the shot came from the bathroom window or the bushes, in either of which case he was clearly shot horizontally, though the angle from the bathroom would have been higher up. The problem with the bathroom scenario is that it involves standing on the edge of the bathtub and firing through a tree limb.

    • Avatar Don says:

      @Crash Override, @Boleebee:disqus   — Many thanks for important details.  Pepper’s reconstruction was not really in doubt; only my ability to follow it.   

    • Avatar BoLeeBee says:

      I’m only repeating other accounts I’ve read or watched.. although specifics are certainly important, I think the bigger significance is summed up in Rage Against the Machine’s lyric from Wake Up – “y’know they went after King when he spoke out on Vietnam.. He took the power to the have-nots, THEN CAME THE SHOT.”

      ..and MLK knew it was coming, too

      we’ve been living in that version of the world ever since..  

    • Avatar Guest says:

       William Pepper gives regular updates on King and also his Sirhan request for a new trial on Black Op Radio. According to the last one, , the second entry for show number 576, there’s been some major delay in his new motion. Apparently, the government is having trouble sidestepping the fact that Pepper has shown that the prosecution lied to the court.

      There’s also mention in the first segment that the presence of a second gunman in the Robert Kennedy assassination has broken into the mainstream media via the domestic branch of CNN from an earlier international story. It almost sounds like things are starting to change behind the scenes. Actually, I’m amazed the RFK murder hasn’t blown up in the government’s face long ago, considering the obvious results of the forensic autopsy (three powder burns on Kennedy’s back and neck).

    • Avatar Guest says:

      I’ve seen a couple of doc/vids with footage of the scene and apparently there was a row of houses nearby that actually were elevated from the balcony MLK was shot on… also there is this picture taken shortly after the shooting… 

  4. Avatar eddieleaks says:

     Archived audio of National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” reporting on the 1999 trial @ > Amy Goodman on Democracynow reported it also.

  5. Avatar tony bonn says:

    for additional information on the king murder, see james douglass – both his book and youtube videos….

    i was astonished by the memphis wrongful death trial which found lloyd jowers guilt,y and the testimony surrounding his conviction….us army delta forces surrounded the motel to back up the memphis pd officer who fired the shots….ray was a patsy just the same way oswald was….the fbi was the ring leader against king – hoover had been working for years to destroy him and used every racist trick in the book to do so….

    the us government is a terrorist organization

  6. Avatar aH1GH3Rpower says:

    I agree that Obama is worthless so dont view this as an attack on Ron Paul, but i just gotta say that Dr.King has made a RESOUNDING difference in time. Yes their will always be racists, and i hate obama as much as the next guy. This “Country” as a whole though has made leaps and fuckings bounds on the racist subject.  I mean shyt, yes i do hate him as much as the next RP supporter, but damn we gotta black prez! Who made it into the presidential seat without TOO much fraud. I cant speak to the rest of his career, but i know that after the inaguration, god, it all went to SHIT!!!!!! I cant believe i voted for that fuck!!! BRAIN WASHING!!!!

    “Alongside the very recent release of audio on RFK shooting finding between 11 and 13 shots fired, and mention of Northwoods False Flag, 911 should rank a good chance of tipping the balance before 40 years is up. Mr Pepper is a man America can be proud of.” — whatwaysup

    I really dig that quote too. IDK why! Maybe cause ive been reading this subject matter for SO long, that it just feels good to hear others say the same thing finally.

  7. Avatar Guest says:

    I was in Vietnam when Dr. King was assassinated . I noted a lot of anger and sadness in many of the  Black GIs , and it wasn’t untill years later I understood why. Historically, sacrificing himself as he did hasn’t really turned out that well. Mr. Obama  is only periphally connected to Dr. King being Kenyan American with no roots in slavery. The “we got a black pres arguement”  as progress doesn’t cut it with me.  The numbers of black prison inmates is a far more meaningful if  dismal stat.

  8. Avatar whatwaysup says:

    With homeland security just ordering in 450million rounds of hollow point, those neighborhood rebellions against oncoming fascism better come well tooled. But what a wonderful presentation of this most egregious STATE murder. Alongside the very recent release of audio on RFK shooting finding between 11 and 13 shots fired, and mention of Northwoods False Flag, 911 should rank a good chance of tipping the balance before 40 years is up. Mr Pepper is a man America can be proud of.

  9. Avatar Rob says:

    I’m glad this is getting some attention again. Hopefully one day it will receive a lot more.

    William Pepper is currently representing Sirhan Sirhan and trying to establish his innocence in the RFK assassination with evidence of a second gunman. 

    Thanks from me too for posting.

  10. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    “Evidence of Revision” is also a great resource for this topic.

  11. Avatar Capt. America says:

    Love it.  Thanks so much for posting.